How to know if the fuel station is cheating with petrol?

How to make sure that petrol pump is not filling 91 when you are paying for 95? Within the extensive use of transportation not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in countries around the world there has been a massive setback and questioning whether the money invested goes towards the right cause or not.

The Kingdom is one of the most successive suppliers of oil and petroleum. The land of Saudi Arabia is rich with it and because of this business; the Arabs remain rich just as much. The luxurious lives of the Arabs can be well connected and associated with the business.

Still, can we be sure that some people within this business are completely honest towards the consumers?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is vast and just as any other country, it has a transportation sector that deals with cars, buses and the mode of transport used for local and international travel.

Amongst this, the first mode of transport that affects and includes the public is for local travel. The use of cars and especially luxury cars is very popular amongst the Arabs. They are practically known to invest most in their cars.

They find great pride in having the availability of the latest vehicles. To them, it’s more like a hobby.  They ride in their cars, take care of them and when it’s hungry they have to fuel it up as well.

They stop at the local petroleum or gasoline station, fill their car’s tanks and off they go. Perhaps not all the owners of such stations remain honest with their consumers and try to cheat their way through the business just for an extra profit than usual.

They have huge misconceptions, thinking that who will ever know what petroleum or mixture of gasoline is their car tank filled with. That’s where they are wrong!

For the past few years, it has become very common amongst certain stations that sell 95 octane’s mixed with 91 Octane's, at the price of 95. Can one actually not know the difference? Of course, they can.

With such advancements, everything can be figured out and the cheaters can be caught; easily distinguished from the rest.

1-To spot the difference, first, you must concentrate on the sound of your engine. If it makes a crackling sound or a knocking off effect in the engine or if you find the engine switched off, you’ll know that the gasoline was mixed with water whether intentionally or unintentionally.

2-Apart from that, you can always check the gasoline itself and see whether it changes color or smell.

3-The most obvious and visible difference is giving off of black smoke. If your exhaust is black it means that the gasoline was mixed, 95 octanes with 91 octane gasoline.

It is worth applauding that the Ministry of Commerce has successfully tracked and shut down 2855 stations who try to fool people into thinking they have sold them the right gasoline. With the increase in 95 octane price, the trend of people filling their tank with this gasoline as reduced.