6 Useful Tips to Prevent Sleeping while Driving

Who doesn’t love a long drive? Who doesn’t love taking a ride with a bunch of friends through the emptiness straight into the heavy gush of wind? If there is one thing almost everyone enjoys, is a long ride in their car all ready to explore different places and sometimes revisiting old memories.

Within the Kingdom, it’s highly common for most people to enjoy long drives to different cities or areas which can easily be accessed by plane or train. They want to make most of their journey and have as many memories as possible. Sometimes they are also saving themselves tons of money, too.

When Saudis want a vacation, they get a vacation. Over the weekends, they pack their cars with their family or friends and leave just after dawn so that they can reach their desired location and make most of their time there and drive back home.

It is worth noting that sometimes, not all of these vehicles and people make safe journeys to their desired location and end up either in the hospital or police station instead. Why does this happen?

It’s usually because they are involved in car accidents on their way. It has been found that majority of the accidents that happen regarding driving and roadside accidents, it involves people who fell asleep on while driving.

A large number of these accidents occur early in the mornings when the drivers are tired enough and have no real concern towards their health. They presume that they can make the long journey easily and without falling asleep.

There are a few ways through which you can easily not fall asleep while you’re driving. Since most of the youth is very busy keeping themselves with social media all day and night, they are unable to complete their beauty sleep and are much more victimized in the crashes.

Here are a few ways that can help you not sleep while you’re driving which are bound to secure your life, but also of your loved ones.

01-According to several types of research and reports, it has been found that the drivers who fell asleep were highly influenced by the person on the passenger seat who was already sleeping. That motivates their senses and causes them to sleep along with the passenger.

02-If you are out on a long drive for more than 3 hours, it’s important that you pull over and take a walk and rest.

03-When you take walks in between the drives; you can easily recharge your body. The fresh air will help your body to recover.

04-If you still feel tired; don’t consider the thought of driving. A short nap wouldn’t hurt anybody and will help you increase your concentration while you drive.

05-Try to avoid caffeine and cola drinks as much as possible. They might give you the certain boost of energy for a while, but their effect wears out quickly and will leave you more tired than ever.

06-Finally, if you have a sleepy passenger he should remain awake just as much!

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