4 Useful Tips to keep your car cool during summer days in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest and most historical countries of the world. The country that we know of isn’t even close to the barren land and desert that it was centuries ago.

The advancements in technology and how well the thoughts of the Arabs have escalated greatly should be thanked to transform one of the most prominent and strongest Gulf States.

Apart from all the changes that can be adjusted and made to not only the Kingdom but its people as well, there are certain things that can’t even be changed despite all the money invested.

The major drawback for living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the extreme climatic conditions that prevail within the Kingdom almost the entire year, with the exceptions of winters that are slightly better.

The daytime in the Kingdom is so extreme that it becomes almost impossible for people to move out until or unless it is very necessary. The timings of offices and other malls and shops are set as such that one must use the daytime and leave the comfort of their homes.

Almost all the buildings and homes in the Kingdom are equipped with air conditioners. Whether it’s the gym or the restroom, air conditioners are an absolute must! So how do Saudis travel if they must?

Sometimes the air conditioners in their cars are not enough to bear the temperature and climate conditions prevailing in the Kingdom. When you are inside your car, the first thing you would do is to turn the AC on and wait while sweating for the temperature to drop down.

1-For starters, remember to park in the shade if you have the option. Don’t let your vehicle absorb all the heat from the sun. This will harm your car’s interior and would be hotter than the temperature outside because of the closed windows.

If your car is in your garage or in a basement parking, your car and its interior will not only be cool but safe from the sun rays.

2-However, if your car is parked under the Sun, you’ll have to take in a few precautions that would easily help you cool down your car almost instantly and make your travel bearable.

Sometimes people tend to avoid the use of sun shades or cloth to cover their windscreen. This can stop the entrance of sun rays in your car.

You can have a custom made sun shades that will absorb the heat and will your vehicle around 10 degrees less than outside.

3-This is perhaps the simplest method. Use the air from outside rather than circulation when you switch the AC on. Once the temperature and lowered down, switch it back to circulation.

4-The use of bottom vents has also become a necessity. As you sit inside, immediately open the windows and use the bottom vents for the AC which will cool the air from below and the hot air will rise and leave through the windows.

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