In Saudi Arabia, Merit should come first before Saudization

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most developed and amongst the richest countries in the world.

They not only greatly satisfy their citizens, but also hold a huge amount of respect and love for the expatriate workforce along with the pilgrims that enter the Kingdom around the year to perform Umrah and during the month of Dhul-Hijja to perform Hajj.

Their laws and regulations along with their strategic plans that are set up in order to draft out how the Kingdom will run, prove to be extremely beneficial for all those associated with it.

Despite the obvious facts that the Kingdom provides job opportunities to many people from the underdeveloped and developing countries of the world, there are still many things that must be corrected within the Kingdom.

For starters, there is a huge debate that continues on for years that perhaps the government of Saudi Arabia may have utilized the expatriate workforce, but it might be neglecting the Saudis within the Kingdom.

There is no harm against those who think that way. It is a genuine thought that the Saudi youth who think that they will not be given the jobs which are their right to being born Saudis and hold the citizenship of the Kingdom.

It is very much true that most of the Saudi youth find it better to leave the Kingdom and work in countries like America or Australia once they are through with secondary and high school.

Obvious facts also show that the Kingdom does not provide a good quality education which hinders the chances of the young Saudis to be employed instead of the expats.

The fight between these two will continue until the moment Merit and Saudization are analyzed and judged better. The question remains, what should be considered and prioritized more? Merit or Saudization?

The Kingdom’s education sector begins to eradicate itself. The only chances of survival for it are if underqualified Saudi teachers are replaced by qualified teachers, whether from the Kingdom or from other countries.

Being a Saudi shouldn’t be a priority. Because of this, it is found that the youth continues to run away from the Kingdom and in the end, settle abroad.

The question of appointing a Saudi or an expat will remain to be a very conservative and touchy issue for most agencies especially those that have a business name to maintain and carry on.

Some considerations that can be taken in by the appointing agencies while conducting interviews for any post either within the Engineering department or the Educational department include looking firstly at the Merit of the two candidates.

If the Expat is much more qualified than the Saudi, he should be given the job without hesitation. This merit over Saudization will have effects on the entire Kingdom, both economically and reputationally as well.

Merit should be the sole priority. This way the Kingdom will not only be able to boost its education sector, but also develop qualified Saudis who can use their merit rather than Saudization.

Source: Al Arabiya

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