7 Harmful Effects of Using Mobile Phones on Children

The Smartphone technology has changed the way of life. The smart technology based gadgets are so affordable and attractive that everyone can get hold of them easily.

It is not a hidden secret that how the smartphones have taken over the lives of every individual no matter belonging to any profession. People are found using smartphones in cafes, roads, malls, and offices and there are hardly few who claim themselves as non-users of this extremely hi-tech gadget.

Unlike the adults, the contagious habit of using smartphones and tablets is increasing in children and sadly it’s an alarming sign for the parents.

No doubt parents provide their children with tablets and smartphones because these gadgets help them to keep their kids busy but on the other hand, parents are unaware of the darker side that is closely attached to these catchy smartphones and tablets.

The sociologists working for charity and social centers have warned the parents to stop their kids from using mobile phones and tablets excessively. During the first year, the child’s brain develops very quickly and young infants and toddlers learn things faster when they interact with people around them and not with tablet screens.

Excessive use of smartphones can lead to serious problems including obsession syndromes and disturbed behaviors in children.

The executive director of Jalawi Abdul Aziz Musaad Center for Child Development, Dr. Ahmad Albo’ali told that there is no denial to the fact that mobile phone plays a substantial role in everyone’s life today but the question is what positive role is Smartphone is contributing in the lives of kids.

He further added that the kids are not brought up properly nowadays as the parents don’t send the kids out in the fresh air for physical exercises. The kids are busy in playing games and watching cartoons or movies on their smartphones tablets.

They are not interested in going out in the fresh air and playing. Because of this isolation from nature and the outer world, the children are exhibiting extreme aggressive behaviors and mood swings issues.

As quoted by Dr. Ahmad Albo’ali, a recent research study carried out by the NTT DoCoMo Company on the usage of tablets and smartphones among individuals ranging from the age of 8 and 18 in the countries like Egypt, Japan, India, Chile, and Paraguay suggests that 70 percent of children use such devices at a rate higher than that of their parents.

On the other side, excessive use of such devices by children can make them lazy and self-centered. Moreover, playing games on tablets take away the precious time from the children which they need to spend outside their homes closer to nature.

They can engage themselves in reading books, playing football or any healthy activity which can boost their imagination.

This modern trend of excessive use of smartphones by children will have a negative impact in the long term as they are becoming habitual of using unnecessary technology which is not suitable for them.

Keep in mind, by buying an expensive gadget for your kid, you are not expressing your love to him. It is very dangerous for him at this age.