Nor Cali, a Filipino who has not received SR 69,000 even years after his final exit

Bukhari Nor Cali, a Filipino worker aged 59, told the news that he has been waiting for over a year to receive the amount of SR 68,880 from his former company. He belongs from Mindanao. The amount of money is apparently the end of service benefit that was mentioned in his appointment letter when he began working in the company. He was told that he would be given all his due charges once he has completed his prescribed span of the notice period. He has resigned from the company last year in November and reaching November 2015, he is still clueless about the company’s response to his request.[irp]

After waiting for so long, Bukhari got no response from the company and planned to put forward his pledge to Arab Newspaper. He told that he has worked in the travel agency for nine years and all these years he has performed really well. He has resigned on Aug. 16, two months prior as his contract was supposed to end on Oct. 15, 2014. He further added that while having a small talk with the company accountant, he was told that all his dues would be soon cleared by the travel agency and this process will not take much time as he has been a promising worker in the company.

The ex-employ told the Arab news that he is in dire need of money. He is seriously unwell and needs to get his gall operation. He is a chronic patient of hypertension and already had two heart strokes. He was hoping to receive his end-of-service benefit so that he can get his operation done. He needs extra money for his medicines and treatment. Since he is retired and has no savings, he needs money to fulfill his medical needs. Despite writing and informing the travel agency numerous times, Bukhari had never heard from them.

He has officially launched a complaint against the travel agency for their mistreatment with their ex-employees. He also has laid a complaint to the Kingdom’s embassy in Manila, but all his efforts have gone down the drain. He complains that nobody has yet contacted him. He claims nothing has been done to help him. Because of a shortage of money, he had to leave his apartment as well as he was unable to pay his landlord on time.

He was about to travel to his home town but he waited for the company to pay off his dues. The landlord called the police and he was thrown out of his apartment. Without any choice, he moved into a low-cost apartment. In the mean, while he was told that his boss had moved to America for vacations without clearing his dues.[irp]

Recently, he came to know that the company has appointed a new accountant on Nov. 16, 2014, while the agency’s owner is still enjoying his vacations in America. Bukhari has been promised that his owner has agreed to pay all his dues. But till this date, he is still empty handed and hopeless.

Source: Arab News

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