Avoid Talking in Arabic at Airports of the USA and European countries

According to the latest development in the week, two Palestinians passengers were forced to off plane at the Midway airport on Thursday. The two men Mehar Khalil and Anas Ayyad were traveling from Chicago to Philadelphia. They were stopped and were not allowed to travel in the plane as they were having a conversation in the Arabic language. This reaction was a result of the recent drastic Paris attack. Both of them were forced to off plane as one of the passengers over heard them and refused to travel in the same plane. The passenger who overheard the conversation was afraid of traveling in the same plane.[irp]

The gate agent told the Palestine passenger to get off the plane in front of all the passengers. During the investigation session with the police, the two men were also inquired to open the white box of sweets that contain Baklawa (Arabic delight). The southwest airlines departed them after completing the boarding process. The Police mentioned that there was nothing wrong with both the passengers. Anas Ayyad added that it was so humiliating for both of them to get off the plane just because they were using the Arabic language.

They were called off after an investigation session with the customs officers. Such extreme cases of discrimination are not new for the Muslims as, since 9/11 incident, things have become difficult for Muslims everywhere in the world. The state is working on the security plan more effectively after the dreadful attack on the Daesh militants on Paris.

In the recent week, 6 men belonging to the mid-eastern state were removed from the Southwest flight bound at the Chicago Midway airport. The Southwest airline arranged another plane the next day for the six passengers. They were asked to shift their seats causing a disturbance as reported by the local affiliate newspaper. A statement given by the Southwest airlines explains that their crew was unable to resolve the issue therefore without the delay they rebooked the six passengers on the next available flight the same day.

Another incident took place the next day when a spirit Airlines returned to Fort Lauderdale from Minneapolis. A young passenger heard the other passenger talking about blowing up the plane. She overheard and informs this to the airport authorities as published in the Sun Sentinel newspaper. The Subject Yaniv Abotbu, a U.S resident, born and raised in Israel was taken into the investigation by the airport authorities for five hours. The police reported that the incident was an outcome of miscommunication as the intensive interview with the suspect reveals no actual threat to anyone on the plane.[irp]

The lawyer of Yaniv Abotbu has demanded an apology from the airline crew and the authorities involved in the mistreatment of the passenger. The investigation carried out in all the cases was just on the basis of the doubt and discrimination against the Muslims. The recent Paris attack has again made things difficult for the Muslims who are encountering humiliating situations while traveling.

Source: Saudi Gazette