SR 25,000 fine if you are not wearing safety equipment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been a hub for labor workforce coming from all around the world.  During the early 1980s, they had attracted workers to help their growing economy which resulted in increasing their standard of living. With this, the government imposed great importance to labor protection and had strict laws against exploitation.

Recently, several companies in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah which have been heavily attracting labor workforce are inspected by the Ministry of Labor along with the General Organization for Social Insurance to evaluate their current health and safety measures are at par as stated by the law.

SR 25,000 for each violation of Health and Safety Standards

The undersecretary of inspections and development of the labor environment, Abdullah Abu Thunyan claims that according to Article 204, Saudi Arabia’s Labor Law states that the list of inspectors can range from chemists, doctors, engineers and specialists in this field and violators can be fined up to SR25,000 for each violation of the safety and security laws imposed for the labor.

He also stated that strict measures should be taken by companies for their employee safety and security to protect them from diseases and any form of occupational hazards and the ministry publicly declared that any complaints can be registered at 19911.

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Compliance with the Health and Safety Standards is for your own good

What companies do not realize is that by abiding with the safety and security measures, they are reducing their long term costs and reduction in efficiency and productivity.

Apart from the company perspective, the employee also faces long term disabilities, high insurance premium, early retirements, and frequent absenteeism. However, many of these tragedies can be prevented by implementing the basic safety and security measures as stated by the Labor Law.

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Health and Safety Standards in Pakistan

Not only in Saudi Arabia but even in a developing country like Pakistan the Occupational Health and Safety Policy was drafted for the first time ever by the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan which enforced penalties when violating any health and safety standards.

They have set straight penalties for all the violators; anyone who violates the safety standard will be fined Rs 100,000 along with one year of imprisonment for first-time offenders. The severity of the penalty keeps increasing with the severity of the violation.

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Broadly, the occupational safety and health are concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of the employees who are legally working for the company. Several programs have been designed to teach the companies of the basic health and safety rules.

Source: Arab News