Why could Illegal Expats living in Saudi Arabia be next target of ISIS (Daesh)?

As you read this today, the world is completely aware of the extremist group known as ISIS. This menace is not only disturbing the peace in one of the most violence prone regions in the world but is also solely responsible for the destruction and depletion of more or less the entire regions ancient culture, traditions, and history.  Those of us living outside of the shadow of the impending doom that most countries surrounded by ISIS infested neighbors must be feeling, we often wonder how is it that such extremist group end up gathering hundreds and thousands of able bodied men as well as millions of dollars’ worth of arms, ammunition, and equipment.[irp]

There are of course those who have been brainwashed into thinking that this way which is contrary to the teachings of Islam, is truly the right way to live, however, there are also those who are leaving their seemingly perfect lives in developed countries yet they still are lured to joining these deviant groups. In related news, we are also now learning that illegal workers and runaway employees are now facing an extreme danger of being exploited by the terrorist groups such as ISIS. This news was broken by the Security Agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The annual labor ministry’s report had stated that around 86549 domestic workers have reportedly run away from their employers.

The dean of Admissions and Registration at the Naif Arab University for Security sciences, Brigadier Saad Al Shahrani has stated that since many of the workers are basic educated or illiterate which makes them the ideal target for these terrorist groups as they can be easily manipulated to carry out attacks.

A majority of the absconding employees run away from their sponsors because they have been attracted by better offers. They are also assisted by other compatriots. Female workers can move with ease in between cities due to the fact that they do not face as many security checks as men. This is why women are being employed by the terrorist groups.

The former director general of the Ministry of Interiors Crime Research, Sultan Al Anqari has stated that it is important to clarify to the world the objectives of these terrorists. Daesh and other groups are essentially mercenaries and militias which comprise of foreign workers. They are supported by foreign states and work for money to destabilize the Arab and Middle Eastern region. He added that this group has made the use of religion as a camouflage to attract people of simple minds and hence use them as tools to get what they want.[irp]

These groups have tried previously to implement their way of life in various regions and have had success in some regions while failures in others. These groups use women to go into prostitution, selling drugs, drug mules and also to beg for money on the streets. Women are especially easy to recruit as they require some safe placed to stay and get lured easily.

Source: Arab News

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