Why are a large number of cars parked alongside the road in Madina?

If you have ever been to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you will know for certain that there is one thing which they absolutely adore.

Of course, they love their big buildings, sculptures, and beauty which is present in every corner of the Kingdom, however, there is one thing other than those listed above which attracts nearly all Saudi men and women alike.

What I am talking about today is the love of automobiles which Saudis have. This love for automobiles spans across all types of automobiles ranging from the monstrous looking SUVs to the family-oriented Sedans and luxuriously lush sports or luxury cars (also sometimes called as supercars).

Naturally for a country that loves automobiles, there are a lot of automobiles on the streets and subsequently in the garage or workshop. 

What I have written above might not seem like a big problem or even something to be concerned about, but since we are talking about the Saudi people who are known for having the biggest and best of everything, we can say that this is a far greater problem than it sounds.

A huge number of broken down cars are parked on the main roads and also in the service lanes especially in those places with stations, garages, and workshops in close proximity.

These parked cars have started to become a menace to society of huge proportions. The residents of the city of Madina have become extremely upset with the chaos which is ruining the streets due to these unmanned parked cars which are causing major traffic jams throughout the city.

Several organizations such as the Madina municipality and the Traffic police have been approached by local residents in order to have this issue resolved however they have been of no use.

Khalid Al Hujairi spoke to the Saudi Gazette and stated that this menace of broken down cars has become extremely problematic in the residential districts which have stations, garages, and workshops.

Not only do the broken down cars and car parts make the area look like something out of a war zone, but also poses a threat to the safety of all motorists and residents of the area.

Same Al Gabli stated that there were a huge number of cars which were broken and dumped in various neighborhoods which in turn lead to a security issue as these cars can be used by criminals or other miscreants.

He has heard that Madina municipality has announced a removal of 1000 cars however he has seen no progress. The assistant undersecretary for the public services, Yahiya Yusuf has stated that two separate committees have been given the charge of the broken and abandoned cars.

The first committee will be focusing on the abandoned cars which can be found near stations, empty plots and on the streets. The police and emirate members will make up this committee while the municipality is not involved.

The second committee will look over scrap cars which cannot be used anymore. This committee will be in touch with the municipality.

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