Top 5 most powerful Arabs in the world 2017

Wealth and oil reserves of Middle East are famous all over the world which has led various Arab families’ the capture of international market shares and reserves. In fact, Arabs have made huge investments in the Western and American region which is rewarding back hundreds of millions of dollars and Pounds. Money and power are interlinked to each other so the wealthier a person is, the more power he has. Not only wealthy people but many politicians and religious leaders also have significant power and influence on people in the world.  Forbes has recently issued a list of five most powerful Arabs in this world along with 74 others all over the world. The list is given below;

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (No. 14): Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is ranked at 1st among most wealthiest and powerful Arabs whereas he stands at 14 overall. King Salman is the son of the founder of revolutionized KSA and succeeded by his half Brother King due to his sudden death. He has made several changes in succession line and placed his nephew to be nominated for the upcoming king of KSA. He is the most powerful Arab still down to earth and humble in his conduct and policies. Still, he is strict in regard to Islamic rules and their implementation. He has served many victims of Muslim countries and is known as a generous philanthropist. Not only has this he successfully played a role of mediator in order to resolve Royal family disputes and fights. Before taking the crown, he served Riyadh as governor for 48 years successfully.

Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (No. 39): The ruling Sheikh of UAE is one of the most powerful Arab among top 5. He stands at rank 2 as the UAE is the richest Monarch in the world. The major source of wealth of UAE is through oil reserves and it is sovereign wealth fund which is reported to be of worth $773. UAE also has been contributing to Islamic and western countries to deal with Islamic extremism issues including ISIS and other violence creating groups. It has also impacted world politics significantly and concerned Arab rulers have gained popularity and power all over the world.

Abdel-Fattah Al Sisi (No. 49): Abdel Fattah stands at rank 3 among Arab and 49 at the overall level and took control of Egypt during the political rebellion of public against military and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in 2013. By taking charge he drew new policies against extremists and set new economic reforms for Egypt.

Mohammad bin Salman (No. 53): Saudi Arabia has named Mohammad bin Salman as the new crown prince. The 31 years old young prince is the son of King Salman. He is all over the news and people love to call him Mr. Everything. A diplomat from West commented that Mohammad is a bright and intelligent person. People believe that Mohammad is the right choice.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (No. 57): Al Baghdadi stands at number 5, over all he is at 57 as he has plans to lead Muslim community under a fabricated concept of Khilafat. He escaped many air strikes from Western and Gulf countries and managed his survival. Not only this he has occupied Syria and Iraq by an alliance of his extremist group named ISIS.

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