A man arrested for tearing the copies of the Holy Quran in Saudi Arabia

Despite the strict rules and laws against Blasphemy formed by the Islamic courts, severe cases of blasphemy have been reported frequently in the past few years all over the world.   As reported by Al-Sharq newspaper, a Saudi resident was taken into custody after he attempts to allegedly insult God and Prophet and his companions in Hafr Al-Batin governorate on Thursday. The arrested criminal called out names and also torn the Quran into pieces despite knowing the fact that it is the sacred book for all the Muslims. While tearing the Quran he denounced the entire teachings of Quran, as published on Saturday. Despite living in the holy land of Saudi Arabia as the Saudi national the criminal took part in this shameful act of disgrace.[irp]

The 30 years old Saudi was arrested from the region of Al-Qaissoumah by the members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (the HAIA).He has been taken into interrogation by the senior officers. According to the sources, the criminal has already admitted his foul play and therefore he surrenders himself to the concerned authorities. Moreover, the commission is trying to search for a group that provides financial aid to people who are promoting blasphemous material on the internet via social media and websites.

The arrested criminal is found out to be an atheist after a fruitful investigation by the interrogation agency. Hafr al-batin claims that the criminal has been a very active participant of social media networking as he has repeatedly posted blasphemous material against the prophet and his followers.

According to the members of the Commission of the promotion of virtue and prevention of the vice,”It is very clear in the teachings of the Quran that a person who commits any blasphemous act is doomed to death. Men or women who wage a war against Allah and his prophet deserved serious punishment.” According to HAIA in Hafr Al-Batin, the HAIA has been informed about this man’s blasphemous activities, therefore, he was under observation since last three months.

This man was found very active on putting up blasphemous material on the internet. Other than posting such profane posts about Islam he used to portray an indecent image of Muslims and their thoughts about other religions. Because of the widespread fame of Islam throughout the world, some agencies are working on insulting and degrading Islam.

The HAIA Council is striving hard to collect all the blasphemous and irreverence material that the foul criminal has posted time to time on Facebook. Moreover, his personal details are taken into notice in order to investigate on his trading with groups that provide financial assistance to do false propaganda against Islam. All the clips and videos shared by the criminal have been seizing by the commission.[irp]

The Saudi government has very clear rules for protecting the religion of the state, therefore who ever violates the cyber laws by publishing blasphemous content will be taken to task by the concerned authorities.

Source: Al Arabiya

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