Saudi Woman saved lives of 7 people by donating her organs

Perhaps one of the saddest news that one can give to another or announce in this world would be to of someone’s death. This is the actuality of the world and whether you knew the person or not, you would out of humanity take a minute to accept the news and then go on with your lives. It is often said that if you want to leave your mark, you must do something so unique and worth remembering in your lifetime that after you are gone, you will be remembered.  A Saudi girl thought differently. She believed that one doesn’t have to be alive to leave their mark. Perhaps her family thought for her and decided that after their brain dead daughter takes her last breath, they will help out those who have a chance at survival.[irp]

Ethar is an organization that encourages people to donate their organs to the ones who might need them once they are gone. They visit and meet with people who have no chances at survival and try to convince them that their organs can be put to use by those who are fighting for their lives.  Ethar managed to convince the family of the Saudi Girl and as she took her last breath, the transplants were made quickly and transported by plane almost within hours to the hospitals around the Kingdom. Al Khanani who was the organ transplant specialist for the Saudi girl informed us that the heart and lungs were donated to patients in Riyadh, while the Liver, pancreas, and kidney transplants were carried out in Dammam.

The organs reached out to the hospitals on time which saved the lives of 7 people throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ethar is said to be the only accomplished organization in the Kingdom that helps to change the perception of Saudis and Muslims in particular, that organ donations are not haram. According to many, there are certain thoughts and concepts that divide the entire Muslim community of Saudi Arabia. One of them is regarding organ donation. Once the person is dead, they are immediately buried after bathed. That’s the ritual.

To call organ donation haram or halal is a totally different matter and would need a lot of research. The only complaining by some is that they do not find it right to tamper a human being’s dead body since it makes them feel as if they are mutilating God’s creation.[irp]

The 20 –year old Saudi girl did what was not a common practice in the culture of Saudi Arabia. It cannot be described what the parents of the deceased girl may have gone through when they were accepting the news that their daughter won’t live, but maybe the only thing that kept them going was that some part of their daughter continues to live on in separate corners of the Kingdom. Parents like hers and organizations like Ethar might be one of the few changes this world needs.

Source: Al Arabiya

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