Begging has become  an Organized Crime in Saudi Arabia

With the extreme inflow of expats, along with the pilgrims round the year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, somehow it has become extremely difficult to keep track and notify exactly what crimes should be taken most control off.

What the government of Saudi Arabia always stands for, is their commendable discipline, laws, and regulations that are not only strict but imply to every other man or woman living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Despite all the necessary precautions and laws that are always implied and followed by the people, there is still a certain group of people that wish to go in the other direction not because they want to, but probably because they are forced to.

In the Kingdom, street begging has become a major concern and issue. Not everyone will point fingers towards it since the people involved appear in such a deformed way in public that they are bound to earn sympathy.

They know exactly how to manipulate people and that is how the street begging culture has increased over the years. It cannot be said as to who are the people who are actually responsible for the mass spread of it, but the government of Saudi Arabia will not forgive anyone who is caught associated to it.

Whether the response is an individual or a company or organization, the consequences will be severe and harsh. According to reports, it has been said that there will be a fine of SR1 million if an individual is caught being associated with sending people for begging and a fine of SR10 million from companies respectively.

It has also been understood that the people involved in begging are majorly expats who are forced to pick this “profession” on a part-time basis.

It has been estimated that a person can earn up to $15,000 monthly just by begging. Since the people are not Saudis, it can also be assured that these people might have been victims of human trafficking.

The biggest asset of this crime are the children and women who are also responsible for the distribution of drugs and pornography films by section and temptation.

It’s important to note that these people are not deformed or disfigured by birth but visit unscrupulous doctors who work on them. 

Under the Saudi law, the use of women and children for the purpose of begging can easily put the associated individual or company behind bars for a minimum period of 15 years.

In the past, there have been several cases once where a man was put to prison for 18 years and also fined heavily for forcing two of his wives to beg. There was a story of a man who distributes 11 of his children all around the city of Jeddah every day to beg.

He earns nearly SR60,000 per month. If this begging culture has to be stopped, the citizens should avoid giving them any sort of assistance. If we stop, so will they. If you really want to help someone, look for needy people around you and you will find many.

Source: Al Arabiya

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