How is the Saudi Wedding Ceremony celebrated at Women side?

Once you enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you’ll have to adjust to many different rituals and function that you would have never seen or been to if you were still in the United States of America.

Life in the Kingdom is very different and a little too glammed up, especially when it comes to weddings. If you’re someone from the United States of America, the first thing you’ll obviously note is how different are the brides dressed and how different the rituals and cultures will be. 

If you were still attending a wedding back in the US, you’ll find the bride being walked in through the aisle with her father all the way up till where her husband to be will be awaiting her.

On either side, she will be accompanied by her bridesmaids. She will be dressed all simple and elegant in a long white dress while the guests would be dressed in suits and dresses.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, things are far more different! For starters, you won’t find any men at the venue. When you’re invited to a Saudi wedding, you’ll have to coordinate with your husband and see what time is he invited.

Occasionally, the venues of the wedding are different and sometimes they are held at different times of the day. At Saudi Weddings, women focus a lot of their hair and makeup.

Most of the women find it easier to hit the saloon and get them glammed up. The dress code is extremely formal, that means gowns and dresses all sequenced and beaded. 

When you arrive at the venue in your Abaya, you can enter only once you show your invitation. Before entering the banquet hall, there is a stop where you’re supposed to drop off your Abayas and move inside the extremely big and lavish hall.

It is obvious that the grooms or brides parents will await you at the entrance and it is courteous to meet them. If you don’t know, just move inside while passing smiles and stick to someone you do know until they can introduce you.

Inside, you’ll find all the chairs and couches facing towards the center of the hall which is said to be a dance floor. In the center of the hall, right at the end is a stage set up with a fancy couch for the bride.

The aisle, unlike the American’s, will be a lot wide. As the bride will enter, there will be music and a spotlight that will follow her. There will a be a serving of Arabic coffee, sweets, and chocolates as well.

Just when you’re about to think that it is done, that’s when the dancing begins. This is the moment where the older woman selects a girl eligible to marry their son.

Finally, comes the dinner that is extremely extravagant with a lot of food! Once you’re done, you will have neither the stamina nor the stomach to stay any longer. That’s how the Saudi wedding goes.

If you have spent some time in Saudi Arabia, I would suggest you attend at least one before going back to your home country. It is a wonderful experience.

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