9 Insane Struggles you may have to face without AC in Saudi Arabia

If you see the list of luxuries and comfort zones, KSA is among top countries of the world. It has all facilities for its natives, whether it is about parks, entertainment zones, malls or basic necessities of life, you will get everything here.

But some facilities have become basic living standards, as if you miss them, you will miss enjoying your life in KSA.  Seeing the drop-down list of luxuries cum needs, AC is at the top of the list while your stay in KSA.

Anyone can give you one hundred one reasons regarding the importance of Air conditioner but some points are commonly observed among all heat resistant’s such as;

01-AC itself is a cooling compartment: Homes and Villas can’t handle intense heat of outside through walls and shady hurdles; one has to rely on AC for the moderate temperature inside the house. AC is the best alternative for winter but the condition is it should work properly.

02-It will save you time for a nap: Just imagine, what’s the alternative for an AC? Obviously going straight after entering the house to take shower. If you have an AC, you can save that time for taking nap during long summer days.

03-It will save your ice cream cost: The first item in your grocery list will be ice cream or chilled Pepsi, but in case you have got a chilled AC, it will save your cost of extra grocery items. What if, your ice cream may be stolen and you don’t dare to go outside for purchasing a new one

04-Malls may become your home otherwise: Malls have chilling AC facility and if you don’t have this facility at home, definitely you will prefer staying at malls and shopping complexes to enjoy a trip to Scandinavia.

05-TV shows may become unbearable: Watching your favorite TV show without AC may seem like having a cold cup of tea. Who would like to enjoy his/her fav show in such filthy circumstances? Obviously, AC is the best buddy to double the enjoyment of your season.

06-You would have to justify bad moods: You don’t act properly in the absence of chilled AC but people in your surrounding may consider that you are acting like a possessive chick. Obviously, you have to justify your moods, so having an AC is the good option rather explaining things.

07-A portable fan is not a good alternative: If AC is not available, you will need a portable fan, which is not a very good alternative. Secondly, to get that portable fan, you would have to go outside under burning sun (Just impossible).

08-Drinks and your friendship may become disastrous: No, Ice cream, no portable fan, what else? Obviously, you need chilled Pepsi and drinks to get your temperature down. One would use it as cooling pad by tapping at neck, cheeks, and forehead other body parts to feel the cooling effect if you have no AC.

09-The freezer may become your best buddy: No AC? Ok then get ready to find yourself standing in front of your freezer once in every hour!!