10 Things people say when they find out you are from Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tends to welcome and hold people from many different nationalities, sometimes as expats and at others as Saudi nationals. They have to adopt a totally new and different lifestyle that they had back in their home country. Perhaps, the person who enters into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the United States of America has to go through the most change and transformation.  Similar is the story of an American who now lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has been married for four years to a Saudi and has a daughter named Lavender.[irp]

She arrived in the Kingdom and doesn’t find any reason why she would quit everything and run back home. After interviewing her, we came to know about the 10 things that she has to encounter when she tells someone she lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In short, she feels frustrated with the same questions over and over again, but with time she has grown past the situation.

1-The first statement she talked to us about was how people exclaim that they wouldn’t ever be able to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She wants to tell them why it’s not a crime and many others like her think of the same, but with time perceptions and opinions both change. Saudi Arabia isn’t the kind of place that it’s always exaggerated about.

2-On other instances, she is constantly asked whether she’s okay or not. According to her and anyone else, for someone to inquire will be okay. Though, if they ask something like this just because she chose to marry a Saudi that does piss her off. When Jews can marry Christians, why does this have to be any different?

3-When she comes back to the States; she’s often asked whether she’s happy to be back home. Obviously, she will be happy. When she visited China or Italy, despite the fact that both of those places were lavish, she was still happy to be home. Why make it so weird?

4-Often she has to encounter people asking whether he husband has a green card just to prove to her that maybe that’s the only reason he chose to marry her, which is obviously not the case.

5-Being American does have its perks. She talked to us about how sometimes the regulations in America make her happy, but it doesn’t mean she hates in back in Saudi Arabia. That’s because she’s always been living in the US and she’s grown up that way.

6-Having a two-year daughter and people asking whether she has to wear the Hijab is annoying. When she comes to the age, she will have to when she goes out.

7-The Kingdom is pretty safe and she has to give people an assurance to that over and over again. The homicidal rate is very less compared to that of the US.

8-It’s true that the Kingdom holds public beheadings, but it doesn’t mean every Saudi National has to witness them. She hasn’t and she doesn’t plan on ever attending one.

9-Often when she has to call customer care centres, she must clarify that her husband is in Saudi Arabia, but he’s not in the military. It does get very awkward, but at the same time, it is funny.[irp]

10-Finally, she said how people can be annoying claiming that they can’t even imagine what it feels like living in the Kingdom. People in the Kingdom are human beings and they are no different from the ones in the US. They have different cultures and religions, but they talk and act exactly the same.