More and More Single Saudis and Single Expats looking for love online

Social media has always been used as a mode of quick communication and where people can voice out their opinions, look for suggestions and solve their unsolved queries by just sitting a screen away.

However, it is not the same anymore. Social media is now being used to find love by the Saudis. This may be shocking to a couple of people but let’s have a look at how these websites and applications are being used for the love hunt purpose.

It has recently been estimated that websites like Facebook, Twitter and etc. are being used by more than 1.5 million people now to find love or partners. Different surveys have shown that people in Saudi Arabia prefer using Twitter over Facebook.

Twitter is used by the 87% whereas Facebook is used by only 44%. This survey was taken amongst 6100 people who belonged from different age and groups. As little as 41% of the survey group stated that they only use the social media daily for 2-3 hours.

Most men accepted that their use of social media is much greater than that of the females. However, females have accepted that most or 65% of them use social media to hunt for their life partner.

The rest of the females state it is extremely insensible to use a platform as non-serious as social media for such a great and important task.

Amongst these sensible women, Al Anoud Ali says that the social media is just a platform for filthy and desperate men to manipulate women for their very own personal satisfaction.

As dirty as it may sound, yes it is true and cyber activities like these are extremely common these days so it is always better to stay alarmed. She also stated how many marriages have ended that was started through the social media.

According to the Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the number of single people in Saudi Arabia is increasing day by day which is indirectly leading to various evil activities taking place hence a quick action must be taken regarding this.

The social science professor at Um Al-Qura University, Mahmoud Kisnawi said that the government always wants the best for the population thus suggests people to stay away from the evils of social media.

He also stated that the social media is extremely useful if used in an effective way and that marriage is not a joke, one should always take the time to know the person and then plan the future ahead rather than getting to know each other on Facebook and planning a cyber-life ahead!

Source: Arab News

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