Hajj is not that difficult nowadays as it used to be in the old times

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and a very important ritual bestowed upon the Muslim community. All Muslims are obliged to perform Hajj at least once in their life if they are financially and physically stable to do so. Several difficulties are faced by the Muslims during Hajj but this is what the main purpose of the ritual is. Back in the old times, Hajj was not such an easy task. Pilgrims coming to perform the Hajj were often robbed whereas some passed away due to extreme sickness and hunger. There were no cars or crafts present at that time hence it would take a really long time for people to reach the Makkah.[irp]

Some pilgrims would travel by foot whereas some would take a camel ride. This meant it would the pilgrims a really long time to reach the Makkah.  The scenario is not the same anymore though. Performing Hajj has become easier compared to the old times. People can now easily take a flight to the Makkah or travel in an air-conditioned bus. They do not have to worry about robbery as both the vehicles are extremely safe.

Instead of days, it now takes just a few hours to reach Makkah. Pilgrims are offered countless services to make their Hajj experience easier and better to perform. Due to the ease in performing this pilgrimage, the number of pilgrims is increasing year by year, that too rapidly.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has finally decided to expand the space for more Muslims to come and perform the pilgrimage from all over the world. This will give an equal opportunity to all the Muslims, be it from inside the Kingdom or outside, to perform Hajj.[irp]

It is also very important to get yourself registered at the officials to avoid any case of fraud pilgrims. This rule has been set by the Saudi government to avoid fraud cases taking place during the pilgrimage and for unlawful pilgrims to stay away from the holy ritual.

Source: Arab News


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