The Beautiful side of Yemen You”ll never get to know about

Despite the world and the people within calling themselves extremely modernized, there will always be a constant war whose end can never be estimated. There are certain countries that rise to the top, not only having control on their own land but also make sure that they are heard and feared by the others. Who doesn’t get caught up with power? It is a part of the human nature to always acquire and take control of something that they never imagined would be anyone’s. Such is the story of the country of Yemen. The land that now is left is heaps of ruins, where the air is mixed with fumes of explosives. Yemen was once the land that was beautiful.[irp]

The people of the country were similar to the Arabs. They were extremely hostile towards their guest. Now, despite everything that has happened within the country with the constant wars, the people somehow manage to look on the bright side. Yemen will be one of those majestic countries that not everyone will get to see. Those who visited the country of Yemen back in the 90’s can easily recall and talk about the hospitality they received even when they were just taken hostage by the tribes living on the hills.

There is no sarcasm intended. In 1998, a man flew into the country by plane. Just before he the plane landed at the international airport of Yemen, he read a short article about a Dutch who was taken hostage by the hill tribes. He did not complain about his two-week abduction but instead talked happily about his time with them and how well the people of the tribe treated him and gave him tours to all the undiscovered and historical places that were somehow lost in the violence that began to prevail in Yemen. It wasn’t only shocking for the man to come across such a unique hostage experience but made him more eager and determined in touring the tribal areas.

He, along with a French couple visited some of the tribal areas where he planned to stay overnight. From the people within, he heard stories about how their ancestors came into the land and what stories they have grown up hearing. According to tradition, the land of Yemen was found by Shem who was the son of Noah, who built the ark.

What stands as the highlight about the country of Yemen, is the architecture that mostly compromises of painted glass windows, stained that draw ample of sunlight. While the man stayed with the tribe, he talked about how the young children served him during breakfast with dates, flatbread, honey and tea while the women stayed out of sight.[irp]

The people of Yemen follow much of the traditions and cultures similar to that of the Arabs. The Jews of Yemen have now been left to just a few and it can easily be said that the new generation perhaps won’t even get to see them. Such is how the beauty of Yemen will evaporate.