Saudi High School Student became Assistant Principal of same school

A school is one of the most important entities responsible for the development and progress of the human race as a whole. Schools act as the primary building blocks for young minds and fill them with information which will help the young ones throughout their lives directly or indirectly. Without schools acting as a building block for the youth and for the future of this world we all live in, there really wouldn’t be as bright a future as we today. Some schools encourage students to partake in responsibilities in maintaining discipline in their classroom (class monitors) and as they progress through each class, some of the students are brought into either managing student affairs and act as representatives of the student body (student council, head boy, head girl, house captain etc.)[irp]

However never have we ever heard of a school which involved children in the management and decision-making of the school year, curriculum and other important/professional aspects of running or operating a school or institution. Well, it seems that we might be hearing about something like this with reports coming out from Manama in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the students enrolled at a high school have chosen one student who will aid the principal in managing daily matters.

The Ibn Sahrim School which is located around 50 kilometres west of the town of Rafha in the northern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been operating without having an assistant principal on the faculty since the beginning of this academic year. This pressing issue compelled the principal of the school to come up with a solution. The Ibn Sahrim School had been appointed an assistant principal by the education district however he could not join the school faculty as there was no replacement for him in the school in which he was already employed. The principal had appealed for help numerous times from the education district.

With no answer from the education district and no option in mind, the principal thought of appointing a student to be in charge of some of the administrative matters. He consulted with the students and finally, Hatem Al Shimmari was named the assistant principal for the interim period. The principal stated to the education district in a letter that he has appointed Hatem to assist the school management for the next week.

This unheard of the unusual move had been welcomed as being an initiative to help students learn more about administrative work and assuming responsibilities from an early age. One blogger came out to state that it was a sensible decision which should be replicated in other schools. Bloggers have also stated that it should be used in not only schools but colleges and universities across the Kingdom and other places around the world too.[irp]

People have claimed that there aren’t many institutions which invest in building character through hands-on experience. This move has been called a viable program to produce and build leaders.

Source: Gulf News

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