How to get Application Number of Family Visit Visa?

Sohaib Hassan: I would appreciate if anyone can help…I was having a record of my application number but MOFA people said that the applicant details should be in Arabic.

When I printed a new application form from a shop in front of MOFA office, I just forgot to keep its record in hurry. Now I have previous application number but don’t have the last one.

Is there any way to check visa status from Iqama number or passport number? I don’t live in Jeddah and I made a special travel to it. It is very difficult for me to go again for the application. Is there any contact number of whom we can ask about such queries?  Thanking you in anticipation.

Mirza Lateef:  Did u try with the old number? What is the response? Secondly who come you have had a new application printed in Arabic & submitted? As you need sponsor signature, Company stamp & COC on the application after which you can visit MOFA.

Sohaib Hassan: Thanks for your prompt response. I don’t have any number. Secondly, I submitted the application on Sunday 8th November 2015, just 2 days back. Uphill now, I did not receive any communication or response from MOFA.

They told that after 3 days check online.  When the visa application will be processed completely, will they send a message on mobile? Are there chances that application number will be written in that SMS?

I got printed a new application from a shop located opposite to MOFA office. They said applicant name and details should be in Arabic so I requested them that I have come from Al Baha for just 1 day, kindly consider it.

They said ok go outside, print a new application form and for the company signature and stamp, we will consider the old one. I am a govt. an employee here so no need for COC. In all this, I just totally forgot to keep a record of new application number.

Mirza Lateef: No. We will not get any SMS from MOFA whether the visa is approved or rejected. The only way to check is with the application number which is also going to be the Visa number which we will send once the visa is approved.

That number is very important to know the status of the visa; Even if you go to MOFA I am afraid they might not help you without the application number.

But still, you can try your luck, since you are going from Abha take one new application with you make sure to fill everything correctly & keep the application number with you. If they don't entertain you without the old application number, you can reapply for the new visa in this trip only.

Sohaib Hassan: I got a solution so I thought I must share it. Maybe it would help anyone in future. I called MOFA office on this number 0114067777 after that dial extension 5271 or 5252.

Nobody received the call in the morning but in afternoon they received the call. By giving them iqama number, they told me my application number. Hence problem solved and Thanks to ALLAH.

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