1,000 Lashes, 8 Years Jail for the husband pimping his Wife

A Saudi resident is found guilty of pimping out his wife on social media as published in Saudi Gazette on Saturday. The court sentenced 8 years’ prison and 1,000 lashes to the arrested man.

He has been caught red-handed while he was trying to pimp out his wife with another man. His e-mail account and other social networking IDS are also taken into observation after a detailed investigation.

The case was investigated by the Bureau of investigation and public prosecution as reported by the local newspaper. The malefactor after committing the shameful act of pimping one’s wife appealed the court but his request was put down by the court.

The culprit will face the lashes time to time over a certain period as he has been imprisoned for a span of 8 years as sentenced by the court. 

The wife of the pimped husband informed the court that her husband was never loyal to her and had affairs with other women. He used to beat her and force her to sleep with other men.

The guilty husband was running a prostitution ring while hiring out his wife for sex on social media. He was accused of keeping all the cash for himself while making her wife starve to death.

Ruthless, husband breaking all the boundaries turned the wife into a pimp. The Commission of the promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice also investigated the case of the wife.

The pimped husband was also taken to task by the Gulf Kingdom religion police. According to a recent survey, Most of the people involved in this nasty business are foreigners coming from different countries. 

Saudi Arabia is known as a state that follows the Islamic code of conduct in the strictest manner. The Saudi men are very much concerned about their women.

They want their wives to cover themselves in a veil and do not leave the house without their consent. Alcohol is strictly banned in the Kingdom. The wife became the victim of severe torture done by her husband as she reported to the newspaper.

The husband invited different men usually his friends and forced her to take them to bed. She was helpless and had no access to communicate her plea to anyone. He never allowed meeting any of the relatives or friends.

The husband was unemployed and was present at home all the time. He communicated with the potential clients through text messages and emails and fixed the deals.

After many unsuccessful attempts, the woman went to the police station and filed an FIR against the husband. Soon after the woman’s hearing at the court, she has been sent to a local home care center.

The court accepted the plead of the woman as she demanded a divorce from her husband. Despite strict rules and penalties against prostitution, the prostitution rate is gaining momentum and government is planning to deport all illegal foreigners residing in the Kingdom.

Source: Arab News