Access Point Names and Settings of STC, Mobily, Zain, Friendi and Virgin

In and around the globe, the use of mobile phones and other devices has reached its peak. Now, you will find every rich or poor, kid or adult equipped with a mobile phone. The era has progressed into a new time zone of technology and its advancements will always continue to prosper.

With the last couple of years, things have changed dramatically and so, the use of smartphones has become extremely popular. They not only keep you up to date but also provide you with the gateway to the internet. 

Since mobile phones and smartphones have become an equally important need for a man, not everyone can afford the branded ones. Such include Lenovo, Q-Mobile, Samsung, I-Phone etc. Most of the people that come into the Kingdom are expats, who tirelessly work day and night to keep their families back home running and at ease.

With all of this, the expats make sure they save up their money and thus consider the use of unbranded smartphones that will provide them with all the same features as the branded but will cost them a lot less. 

The unbranded smartphones and tablets are cheap and maybe somewhat like the branded, but a major problem occurs when it comes to using the internet as they fix in their Sim card on their china mobile or device.

To resolve the issue, one may have to create an access point after they fix in the Sim card that will allow them to use the internet, via data sim card. Listed below are the settings for configuration of Mobily, Zain, and STC

To begin with, first, you must go to the settings menu. From there, select “Wireless and Networks”. Choose “Mobile Networks” and select “Access Point Names”. From there on, you can select from the menu a New APN and type in the following instructions based on your mobile network.

APN Settings for STC

Name: JAWALNet


APN type: default/ Internet

Authentication type: PAP

APN Settings for Mobily

Name: Mobily Web

APN: web2

APN type: default/ Internet

APN Settings for Zain

Name: Zain-GPRS

APN: Zain


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080


APN type: Default, MMS, SUPL

APN protocol: IPv4

APN Settings for Friendi

Name: Friendi Mobile

APN: Friendi-GPRS

Access Number: *99#

APN Settings for Virgin

Name: Virgin Mobile

APN: Internet

Password: 0000

It should be noted that the settings for access points for the network of Zain include setting for Multimedia Messaging (MMS). Not everyone finds it comfortable to use MMS and thus those settings can be ignored. If you are a user, these settings will help you configure your device.

For certain settings, you can also neglect proxy, passwords, port, username etc. They are not necessary and your device will work fine without them. Just leave the spaces with whatever was already filled. 

If you still feel that your internet is not working on your smartphone or tablet, a solution could be resolved by calling your respective network helpline for help.

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