Experience of Getting Police Clearance Certificate for Pakistani from Riyadh

We have already shared different experiences of getting police clearance certificates from Saudi Arabia. This time, a Pakistani expatriate living in Riyadh is sharing his experience of getting police clearance certificate

Faisal Jan Sarhindi:  Just wanted to share the updated procedure for the PCC for Pakistanis living in Riyadh.

Go to Pakistan Embassy Welfare section ask for the PCC letter, Take your / family Iqama(s) & Passport(s) with you. You will have to write an application mentioning the also bring photocopies. The embassy will issue you a letter of endorsement in prescribed format, usually the same day. No need to pay any amount.

Go to MOFA on Takhsussi Street, take a cab, as there is no parking allowed there, and get the letter(s) attested.  Recently MOFA has introduced a system to accept payments online and they don’t allow cash payment of attestation fees.

In such a scenario use the offices near the MOFA, they will charge you SAR 20 for data entry and you receive a registration code over your phone.

Use the registration code at Al-Rajhi Bank ATM and pay the attestation fees, through the SADAD interface. Take the print from ATM and submit the document for attestation MOFA. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA Saudi Arabia

Take the document with Iqama along with 2 photographs to Police Office in Deera, near Courts, the place is behind Salam Park. Taxi drivers know the place by name of Basamaat. The police officer takes your fingerprint and hands over the receipt to you.

The certificate is usually ready on the due date, which 5 days from the date of receipt. You should also get the PCC attested from MOFA again to remain safe.

If you want to apply for the Police Clearance Certificate, I would recommend you to go through the detailed procedure of getting Police Clearance Certificate given in the link.