Why don’t employers terminate expat women and hire Saudi Women?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the many developed countries that take in people from all around the globe as expats, to not only work for them but also permits them to live within the Kingdom for work purposes.

Over the years, there are thousands applying to companies and jobs found within the Kingdom. Mostly the people belong to nations such as Pakistan, India, and the Philippines.

Since the Kingdom has certain rules and laws for the women, Expat women can work and are often given jobs much more quickly than the Saudi women who may be equally fit and able for the job (at least in some particular sectors like Healthcare)

Reports have brought to the notice that different ministries within the Kingdom are now setting out laws for companies and shops to employ Saudi women more. The ideal shops for their employment are lingerie shops and fashion stores.

It can be debated that Saudi women were not allowed to work within the Kingdom until a few years ago. Since times have progressed, there have been certain changes to cope with the demand of time.

It can say that Saudi women would be extremely comfortable working within fashion stores and within lingerie shops were the only costumers would be women and they would not have to meet male customers.


Initially, shop owners disapproved the law since they claimed that Saudi women are perhaps very moody towards their work. The situation has significantly improved now as you see Saudi women working in many outlets and shopping malls.

Many businesses are still reluctant to hire Saudi Women. They may take the job, even if it gives them a good salary, but within months or week, they will resign or quit.

The reasons may differ from one to the other, but it can be guessed that either they are not comfortable with the hours or perhaps their family does not want them to work.

Other reasons include that they might be getting married, they may have kids to cater or they signed up for the job till the period they earn enough to buy something they have had an eye on for a long time.

The sudden resignations put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the shop owners since they have to start a search for Saudi women all over again, keeping sure that this time they won’t quit.

Saudi women sell handmade costume jewelry at a Ramadan bazaar in one of Jeddah's shopping malls late on Septmber 8, 2009. The event is one of many activities held during the current holy month of Ramadan during which Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk and stay up late at night socialising before their pre-dawn “Suhur” meal. AFP PHOTO/OMAR SALEM (Photo credit should read Omar Salem/AFP/Getty Images)

A lot of shop and company owners have appealed to the ministries that they should come up with schemes by which the Saudi women cannot resign or quit until or unless they have completed their contract.

Filipino women are the ideal workers since they come in the Kingdom for earning and earning alone. Though, most shop owners are young entrepreneurs and cannot afford to pay SR 4,000 and more.

Instead, the employment of Saudi women will give them a chance to earn and work keeping intact their norms and laws set within the Kingdom.

Hopefully, if the ministries can manage to come up with a better plan that could keep everyone satisfied, Saudi women would easily start working and much more efficiently. 

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