Why are Saudi Jewelry Shops still not ready to employ Women?

Being a Muslim country, Saudi Arabia has certain rules and laws that are to be followed by all living there. The chairman of gold and commerce gave a conference at the Riyadh chamber of commerce and industry that was posted on the magazine ‘al-Hayat’ daily, saying that since the working environment still needs some changes, it is not appropriate for women to work at the jewelry shops.  No decision has been made until now to hire female workers at the jewelry shop. Karim Al-eneizi believed it is impossible for a woman to protect a jewelry shop that is worth billions of Saudi riyals. The nature women are born with; do not allow them to work in the jewelry shops.[irp]

Most the women have hired their relatives to run their businesses even if they own a shop. You can easily be hired as a designer at a gold factory, but your dream of running a jewelry shop is not possible at present.  The CEO of L’azurde company, Ayman al-hafar clearly promotes every woman to work in the gold sector. However, the current difficulties that are related to the work environment should be removed first so that women can enter this field with full security and without any threat. He even said that he will not hire women until the work environment gets better and caters to their nature. Women are undoubted, the perfect choice that can wonderfully deal with the female customers.

He even added that at present his company has more than 100 female designers working in the gold factory, helping us with mind blowing gold and diamond designs.  To sell gold and attract the customers, around 17 women are being trained by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and industry.  The trainees were shown the true art of selling and the important rules needed to sell gold.

To improve their performances, proper business purposes course was given in English. The main emphasis of this course was to identify what karat the gold along with the percentage of its purity. This course even proves to be extremely helpful in helping you deal with the customers and recognizing different types of diamonds in the market.  Adel Fakieh, a labor minister said last year that they are thinking about providing jobs to women in the range of commercial activities.[irp]

He gave his statement regarding women to be working in lingerie shops throughout the country. He quoted that once the studies are completed on this subject, he would announce the commercial activities specifically for females.  By the end of 2013, jobs were given to women in more than 7000 lingerie shops across Saudi Arabia. With the passage of time and with more improvements in the work environment, women will be given a lot more employment opportunities that will surely prove to be a new ray of hope for them in the coming years.

Source: Al Arabiya

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