5 Years Jail and 2,400 lashes for the young man who broke teeth of his mother

Mothers hold a very important rank in Islam. Beneath the mother’s feet remains the gateway to Heaven. Though, some people who are followers of Islam forget this basic principle and considered taking charge of not only their own lives but also mistreat parents.

A mother who not only brought him into this world after bearing extreme pain for nine months but also spent her entire life in raising her son without ever complaining. One man, however, did the most unthinkable as he hit his mother.

The man and his mother were traveling from Al-Laith to Makkah. In between, the 30-year-old son lashed out and hit his mother breaking her front teeth.

The mother, on arriving at a checkpoint asked the police officers there for their help. They listened to the mother and immediately arrested the son while sending the mother to the hospital by calling the Red Crescent.

Sheikh Turki bin Dhafer Al-Qarni, the criminal court judge found the man guilty and was immediately sent to prison. During his 5-year imprisonment, he will be a given lashes of 2400 in public for assaulting his mother.

The sentence would include him getting 60 lashes repeated 40 times after every 10 days in public. It is always said that the laws set out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are very strict and no one can ever think of breaking them.

This sentence has done exactly that. The punishment for a man to hit his mother is just and will prove to be a lesson to all those who might even think of committing such a horrific sin ever in their life.

A mother is always the first friend a child will ever know, his schooling begins in the arms of his mother. It can be said that there must have been an error while raising the child.

A certain leverage was given, either because he was the first child or because he was the favorite that some ethics were not brought under his knowledge that what exactly is a mother and how one cannot even consider shouting at her.

Such punishments and imprisonments will prove to be the ideal way to correct the minds of the young who may live in the bubble that they would escape after committing such a crime.

The court judge also called for the 30-year-old man’s front teeth to be broken, as he did of his mother’s. If certain drastic measures were also taken into consideration for hitting the women and disowning the elderly, the society would become a lot better.

It should be admitted that if certain measures were adopted by other countries, there might have been no need for old age homes and parents would become the responsibility of their child, as they were when young.

Hopefully, this news was enough to provoke awareness amongst the minds of the young and old who consider that things will go unnoticed and no action will be taken against.

Source: Arab News