Saudi man discovers that he got married 5 years ago

Muhammad al-Jafali, a Saudi citizen was delighted to have approached the civil affairs office to include his wife to be name registered in the family card, but he never knew that the next minute will take his breath away for a moment.

What the employee at the civil office told him nearly gave him a heart attack. He was shocked to hear that he was already married five years ago once he reached the civil office to include his fiancé’s name on the family card.

This was featured in the Saudi magazine ‘Saudi Gazette’ on 2nd August 2014. He wanted to quicken the process of including his fiancé in the family card because he was getting married very soon. But he was very shocked to hear from an employee in the civil office in Abha that he was already married.

After hearing such shocking news from an employee, Muhammad al-Jafali simply did not know what to do and where to go. However, he was guided to go to the civil affairs head office, is his only hope where he could get some help.

With all these misunderstandings, he had to rush to the civil affairs head office where he could successfully prove them that he was unmarried. However, the head of the civil affairs officer promised him that he will punish the employee responsible for this act.

Al-Jafali even sent a special request to the ministry of civil service to take strict action against this act so that such mistakes are not repeated in future. He could prove himself right and succeeded but still sent a request to the higher officials to ensure that other innocent people are saved from this irresponsible act.

Saudi Arabia undoubtedly gives a great and a wonderful opportunity for many men and women to get married and secure their life and eventually their future.

However, such clerical errors stated above may not only be shocking, but they can even be the main reason for various misunderstandings between you and your partner to be.

Since it is a very sensitive issue, proper training should be given to the employees responsible for the registration along with a complete check.

These are serious and complicated issues that should not be neglected. It is true that human beings are born to make mistakes at times, but mistakes like these can often lead to serious disasters in one’s personal life.

No one would want to give rise to breakups and other misunderstandings with your long-loved partner. According to the experts, the delaying of the marriage of both young men and women are seen to be increasing in Saudi.

Delaying of marriage is because many young men and women believe they are not psychologically ready for it. However, if mistakes like the ones stated above are repeated, the percentage of men and women remaining single will be seen to increase more with the passage of time.

Source: Al Arabiya

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