6 Young Girls Drowned in a Pool situated in Ramah, Riyadh

This year has proved to be one of the most upsetting years for not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also for most of the pilgrims that traveled miles to perform Hajj. Within these casualties, there is reportedly another incident where 6 women of the same family were found dead nearby a flooded valley.  Arab News has reported that 6 women, cousins by being the daughters of two brothers, were having a picnic nearby a pond in Ramah situated northeast of Riyadh. The young women were all aged between 18 and 25, all drowned in the same pond one after the other on Saturday. The pond that is 112km northeast of Riyadh was reported to be flooded and wasn’t a safe spot for anyone to go to.[irp]

Reporters have said that there have been four bodies found and the search for the remaining two is still ongoing. No one can tell exactly what went on the scene of the crime. A rescuing team of divers was said to be immediately dispatched as the news came in, but perhaps they were too late as they reached Ramah Valley only to find that all of them had died.  Some claim to have said that one of the women had drowned in the pond and the rest of the five came to the rescue.

In all of this, no one can tell whether any one of them knew how to swim or not. The pond and certain valleys have remained flooded during this time, but good cautious warnings were not given out. As the news was broken to the family, one of the two fathers collapsed and is now admitted to the hospital.

With this, Al-Hammadi expressed his deepest condolences and sorrows for the women and the affected family and announced that families must be extremely careful of where their children go out for picnics. Within the past year, there have been nearly 45 people found dead due to drowning in nearby ponds and valleys. He also emphasized that these areas should be approached with great caution.

Major General Jameel Arbaeeen also called on the parents and advised them to make sure they don’t send their children off to such flooded or stagnant ponds no matter how skillful their child be. It is extremely true that the flooded ponds may be beautiful but since they are constantly shifting it won’t take long for someone to be engulfed in them and risk their lives. It becomes the duty of every individual to take extra precautions while enjoying themselves on such peaceful yet dangerous areas.[irp]

Perhaps the best way is to be safe than sorry. If one does plan on visiting such ponds or valleys they should be at a place where they can view the pond, but be at the distance from it. Parents should follow the Makkah Civil Defense’s orders and ensure the betterment and safety of themselves and those they love and care for!

Source: Arab News

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