Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) issues warning against blue water bottles

Serious threats have been identified in the mineral water that is packaged and delivered in Blue bottles by the head of the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), who claimed and brought into the highlights that water filling plants are emphasized and pressured to replace the blue water bottles with safer bottles, cover existing bottles that can be packed using fiberglass.  The reason behind the sudden implying of different water bottles arouses when the research was published showing that water bottles that are exposed to temperature more than 40 degree Celsius, are very hazardous.[irp]

Since the water is already packed with plenty of different minerals, the exposure to the sun for prolonged periods can arise problems for the human health. Thus, the Consumer Protection Agency stepped in and considered it their responsibility to increase awareness amongst the water filling and water packaging plants effectively.

Water is the necessity without which the human body cannot survive. Most of the diseases and illnesses also occur if pure and clean drinking water is not supplied. Impure drinking water or the unavailability of clean drinking water can outbreak a serious problem including a large-scale epidemic. It has also been told that the CPA is working along with the Water and Electricity and Saudi Foods and Drugs Authority (SFDA) to increase the awareness amongst all the water-related companies and plants within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

They have been working together and plan on holding meetings, creating a large-scale forum to discuss all the possible hazards, ways to minimize losses and take out certain measures to solve the problem. The Forums will be open and are emphasized to be attended by all the companies, water experts, water plant owners and government bodies to fully guide how the water bottling should be carried out and its related areas of discussion. It can be estimated that the forum would cover all the topics of interest and drastic measures can be taken against accordingly and most effectively.

Mineral water has become a very important need in not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in and around the world. If there has been such a threat on the blue bottle packaging within the Kingdom, other countries with extreme hot climates should also consider the necessary precautions and hold on certain meetings and conduct seminars of their own to secure the health and safety of their people.[irp]

Water is a genuine need and cannot be avoided. Even a simple act of responsibility can assure the health of children and adults. The CPA has begun the work on setting up a clear mechanism that can assure the safety of bottled drinking water which can be provided to the consumers and ensure a minimum chance of an outbreak of illness.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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