Saudi paid SR 225,000 as blood money to release Pakistani expat from Prison

It is often said and quoted that an act of kindness often comes up when it is least expected. Such is the story of a Pakistani man who worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who had been arrested in December 2012 for being most responsible in a car accident. This accident eventually caused the death of a Saudi man. Investigations had shown that the accident was 75% by the fault of the Pakistani man and thus be has been arrested since then. This year, however, things for the man have begun to change as a Saudi businessman took a pledge to help this Pakistani national out by paying for the blood money to the family of the dead man on his behalf. In return, the Saudi businessman has asked from Pakistan, military support in collaboration and coalition with Arab countries to fight and restore legitimacy in Yemen.[irp]

The Saudi Businessman in a very brief interview said that he is fully aware of what the Pakistani expatriate is going through. It becomes very difficult to pay such a big amount of SR 225,000 when not only locked away and having no contact with his family back in Pakistan. So, to help the man and to please God he decided to pay up the blood money, in return, he expects that Pakistan would provide military forces as to help the people of Yemen as military operations are carried out.

It has been brought to notice that the cheque would set free Abdul Qadir immediately! It wasn’t like this was the first time someone reached out to help Abdul Qadir. Earlier, a group of Pakistanis from the northern Saudi city of Hail appealed that someone would assist him since it was impossible for him to pay the blood money amount only increasing his duration of stay in jail.

Abdul Qadir had been trying for two long years trying to save up the huge amount of money and eventually ended sending any money back to his home. All the effort did not prove fruitful.  Apparently, the court in Hail had set the blood money in the name of the victim’s heir at SR 300,000 but made obligatory for the Pakistani national to pay SR 225,000 in addition to the degree of responsibility.

The Saudi businessman had come to know about the case of Abdul Qadir by frequently reading the appeals made by the Pakistani community. The businessman did everything in his power to help Abdul Qadir Financially and now the court has set him free.[irp]

This wasn’t the first time that such a huge act of kindness received widespread recognition. It also displayed the helpful nature of the Saudis who use their wealth to help the needy. Such noble sentiments are very generous and helped a Pakistani return home safely to his family that he thought he would not be able to see anytime soon. There are still a hundred of cases that still need assistance. People like the Saudi businessman would help resolve much of this.

Source: Gulf News

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