I stole your shoes 8 years ago, please accept SR 500 as compensation

We as humans often tend to make mistakes. Some of these mistakes are done without the slightest of a hint, whether they will cause us difficulties or will go unnoticed and ignored. Most of the times, mistakes we do are out of little knowledge.

Perhaps we cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Instead, we find it easier to do whatever that pleases us without considering and considering the possible consequences.

Relatedly, something very unusual happened with a man Abu Abdul Rahman. He was at his office, working that he received an envelope addressed to him. Within the envelope, Abu Abdul Rahman found a letter along with SR500 in cash.

As he began to read the letter, his eyes popped with astonishment. Apparently, the letter was addressed to him by a man who had stolen his shoes at a wedding he had attended 8 years ago. 

What could have been easily assumed was that perhaps the envelope might have been delivered to the wrong man, but talks with Abu Abdul Rahman confirmed that his shoes were stolen at a wedding he attended nearly 8 years ago.

He had to return home barefoot. It couldn’t have been found who had sent the envelope since it did not have a sender’s name and the letter was typed to ensure the sender’s secrecy. In the letter, the sender has apologized for stealing the shoes of Abu Abdul Rahman.

It did not exactly say why he had stolen them in the first place, but it seemed like the sender had to live with the guilt of committing such a crime that even after 8 long years, he couldn’t let go of the past and had to put the guilt inside him to rest.

He informed Abu Abdul Rahman that he was incredibly sorry and that he donated the shoes to a needy man and he hopes to get forgiveness from him. Since it was the holy month of Ramadan, the sender found it the best possible time to come at peace with himself.

It takes a lot of courage and wisdom to accept a mistake. It takes even the more of courage to admit that one was at fault and how he can come at peace with it.

This shoe stealer might have been a little late to apologize, but the effort is commendable and should be applauded. Not everyone gets to send in letters of apologies for mistakes they made years ago.

If more people like the mystery man agreed, there would not only be a better sense of security within the countries around the globe, but also there would be more people who would follow the principles of Islam in a much more profound manner.

Abu Abdul Rahman did forgive the man. Even though the apology came in 8 years later, but he did embrace the fact that it’s never too late and thanked the sender even though he did not know who he was.

Source: Riyadh Connect