A Saudi buys Car Registration Plate “1111” for SR 650,000

The Saudi people might be known for several things. Whether it is their exquisite taste, lavish lifestyles and all round exuberant amount of spending, but perhaps what they are most known for is the love for automobiles that most Saudis have. Just ask anybody living in the major cities of the Kingdom about how many supercars they have seen, and they will surely have a story to tell you. You can even ask Londoners as young Arabs often take their beautiful and customized supercars and sports cars for their vacations to London with them.[irp]

As most people know you cannot just start a car and start driving it on the road, there are certain prerequisites which must be completed before you can enjoy your ride. The car must be registered and have a proper registration number displayed on the front and backside of the car. This is done with the help of license plates or number plates as we commonly know it. Combining the immense love of automobiles which the Arab people have with the necessity of a number plate or license plate, you can surely see where this is headed. Most young Saudis prefer a special or unique number plate to go with their customized or unique supercar.

In the Gulf region, those number plates with numbers in a sequence or recurring numbers are usually sold at higher rates in auctions. Though you can get an ordinary non-sequenced, nonrepetitive number plate in a modest amount, these number plates often end up costing around a fraction of the total price of the car. One such report has again emerged from the Kingdom where an auction was held by the Saudi Traffic police. In this auction, a number plate which featured the numbers “1111” was sold for an astounding sum of SAR 650,000. In this same amount, 5 cars could have been easily bought.

Reports indicate that a huge swarm of Saudis of all ages had made their way to the auction which had been held in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, and most of them had been there just to buy the unique number plate.  The bidding for the unique “1111” number plate was started at only SAR 500 however it managed to get a final bid of SAR 650,000. There were also several other items sold at the auction which also included several other “normal” or “nonunique” number plate, however, nothing in the auction list could fetch a high price such as the “1111“ number plate.[irp]

With all the oil wealth and the booming economy, it is no wonder that Saudis and Arabs of all ages share 1 unique trait at least which is of having the best of the best of everything. Many might argue that they spend unnecessarily, however it is their money and only they have a say in how it is spent.

Source: Arab News

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