An Expatriate from Bangladesh dies after drinking Energy Drink in Saudi Arabia

Energy drinks have become one of the most controversial food items in recent times. Many health experts have come out to openly condemn these energy drinks which are produced by various companies and sold under various catchy/masculine or macho names. These energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar and caffeine amongst other things which are known to be extremely harmful to the human body. Energy drinks have also been known to cause cardiac arrest or even death. A similar report has emerged from the Kingdom in which an expatriate has died after consuming one of these energy drinks. According to the reports, the deceased expatriate was of Bangladeshi origin.[irp]

The Bangladeshi expatriate was 46 years old at the time and immediately went to one of the local hospitals after he started experiencing suddenly elevated heart rate and shortness of breath. While the doctors were treating him for his symptoms the man, unfortunately, passed away. It wasn’t until a little while later that the doctors handling the case found out that the Bangladeshi expatriate had consumed 1 energy drink before his symptoms appeared.  Now for all those of you who advocate the usage and consumption of such energy drinks please note again that only 1 serving of these energy drinks could take the life of a fully-grown man, imagine what it might be doing to the body of a younger human regardless of their gender.

The spokesman for the Madinah Police, Colonel Fahd Al Ghanam spoke to the media in which he confirmed the fact that they Bangladeshi expatriate had passed away after consuming an energy drink. Colonel Al Ghanam stated that the case of the Bangladeshi expatriate would be transferred over to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. Even though this might be a shocking revelation to most of us reading this, it may come as an even bigger shock that this is not the first time that these energy drinks have caused a death in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just around 3 months ago another Saudi national in the Kingdom had died after he had consumed an unusually large amount of these energy drinks. The report was made by the Arab News.

Only earlier this month the Saudi Cabinet had approved some severe restrictions on the marketing and sales of these energy drinks inside the Kingdom.  Not only is it the responsibility of the Saudi authorities but also the companies who are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of such energy drinks, to inform and clearly label their products as a health hazard.[irp]

Subsequently, these energy drink companies who are making millions in profits each year need to be taxed heavily as is done with cigarettes and other tobacco products. The easy availability, low prices and the faux pas masculine image attached with the energy drinks lure younger ones and adults alike to consume the drinks which are an apparent danger to the health of all people regardless of age.

Source: Arab News


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