Saudi Doctors successfully removed large tumor from the face of Boy

Every country around the world has a certain level of medical services which they provide to the residents of the country. Some of the countries are notorious for their negligent medical services while some of them have world class medical services.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one country in the world with some of the best medical services in the world.

The Saudi Authorities offer great incentives for doctors, whether general practitioners or specialized surgeons, to come and provide their services to the people of the Kingdom.

Hence it is no doubt that the doctors within the Kingdom are doing a mighty fine job in aiding and assisting those people in need of medical attention inside the Kingdom.

Reports are emerging from the capital of Saudi Arabia where the doctors could successfully remove a huge tumor from the jaw of a 3-year-old boy.

The young Saudi boy had a huge growth on the lower jaw which had made it impossible for him to speak, breathe or eat and even caused him a lot of pain.

The doctors at the King Fahd Medical City located in Riyadh had to remove around two-thirds of the jaw of the child and then proceeded to perform a reconstruction of the jaw with the use of some tissue which had been extracted from the leg of the boy.

The doctors at the King Fahd Medical City had decided to perform this emergency surgery to save the life of the boy because this rapid growing tumor in the jaw had almost blocked of the respiratory system of the young boy.

The management of the hospital stated that this operation lasted several hours and a huge portion of the lower jaw had to be taken out which included several teeth, part of the neck, cheek, and part of the mouth.

The management of the hospital added that the tissue from the left leg of the boy had been used to reconstruct his jaw.

In accordance to a plastic surgery consultant at the King Fahd Medical City, Dr. Ghazi Al Thubaiti, the operation performed on the boy was one of the rarest operations to be performed not only in the Kingdom or the Gulf region but in the entire world.

This is since cases of tumor at such an early age are extremely rare. The surgery was a success and after the few days under supervision at the hospital the young boy could finally leave the hospital and was easily able to speak, breathe and eat.

This goes to show how proper medical care and the right medical professionals can save lives even in the rarest of scenarios.

Since this case was of such a rare nature not many medical professionals knew exactly how to go about things however medical expertise allowed these doctors to tackle the issue head-on and in the process, save the precious life of the young boy.

Source: Emirates News

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