Nurses caught taping babies’ mouths shut in Saudi Arabia

The medical field is one of the most prestigious and honorable fields to work in. those working in the medical field oversee looking after our health, treating any illnesses and overall saving human lives. The medical staff is vital for the growth of humans as they are the ones who deliver the young babies and care for them till the mother regains some of her strength and composure. However much like every other industry or field that humans have gone into, the medical field has also faced serious backlash over nonseries medical staff, negligence by senior doctors, doctors who focus more on making big bucks rather than saving more lives. These are all the negative things that most of us have heard about some of the medical professionals around the world.[irp]

While negligence is one thing, what I am about to share with you will leave you speechless, and horrified. It has been discovered that many nurses at one of the hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been caught doing something inexplicable to defenseless newborn children. According to reports, it was discovered that these nurses would use adhesive tape to shut the mouth of newborn babies to keep them quiet and stop them from disturbing others by crying.

Just let that one sink in and continue forward. One of the residents at the hospital Ayed Naifei had just come to the pediatric ward of the same public hospital when he found out that his own 6-month-old daughter had been admitted there after she fell ill.

When the resident doctor finally found his daughter, he was terrified to see that the child’s entire mouth had been covered up with adhesive tape. Additionally, the nurses had also stuck a pacifier in the mouth of the baby and tightly secured it with the use of the same adhesive tape. The doctor immediately removed the adhesive tape from the mouth of his young child and rushed to the attending nurse to inquire about the tape. Surprisingly the nurse blatantly admitted to taping shut the mouth of the young child since she had been crying which disturbed the other children as well as the staff working in the ward.

Resident Dr. Ayed proceeded to note that several of the other babies in the same ward had been similarly taped silent by the nurses. The Dr. has demanded the health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take immediate action to stop any further incidents such like this. The Dr. added that in some babies, the tape had been extended till their ears.[irp]

In a similar report, which emerged around 1 year ago, nurses made the headlines for a similar act of sticking the adhesive tape over newborn babies’ mouths or on the mouths of ill children. This offense was repeated which shows clearly that the respective authorities had taken no solid action against these irresponsible and unprofessional nurses.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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