7 Things you will only see in Saudi Arabia

According to the western world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a place of great mysteries. Naturally, the liberal culture westerners find the ultra-conservative culture and traditions of the Kingdom to be a tad different to what they are used to.

In the same way, the people of Saudi Arabia find the liberal culture and traditions of the western world to be strange.

Well, many foreigners make their way to the Kingdom every year and surely they will experience a few things which are strange or unique according to the perspective of the western world.

Well if you haven’t been to the Kingdom, or are planning to go to the Kingdom soon, here are a few sights that you will only come across in the Kingdom.

1-Firstly, the idea that they only ride camels is far from true, the love of animals found in the Saudi people spreads far beyond just camels and they can also be seen riding around on Lions (in their own private enclosures of course).

Don’t get me wrong, Saudi people love camels too, and they enjoy watching them race each other.

2-Secondly, if you are a car enthusiast you are going to enjoy the roads of the Kingdom. The Saudi people have a great love for exotic cars and don’t worry if you ever end up getting stuck in traffic, you will surely have 1 supercar standing in traffic.

On weekends traffic jams can consist of only supercars, and who wouldn’t want to be stuck in that jam. Additionally, the love for cars isn’t restricted to supercars and extends to 4x4s and SUVs too.

3-Most people would take their dogs out for a drive in their cars however, the Kingdom is truly one step ahead the rest.

You will commonly be able to see exotic cats (read large cats) such as lions and leopards in their cars going for a joyride in the middle of the day.

4-Other than their love for exotic cats and camels, the Saudis also have their turtles which can grow to quite some size. Well according to a western perspective so far the Saudis and Americans have similar hobbies, which are cars and pets

5-You will see some of the largest and most customized and modified SUVs in the world. Though you probably might not see the monster trucks like in America still there are some sweet SUVs in the Kingdom too.

6-The Kingdom is one of the few Muslim countries where every woman must don a Burka. Other more liberal Muslim countries such as the UAE do not impose the law on foreigners, however in the Kingdom; you can see foreigners also lined up in Burkas.

7-Since Saudi people have such a great love for fast cars the government and the authorities have had to take the necessary arrangements to keep up with those who decide to speed around in the streets of the Kingdom.

The Saudi police force has some of the best cars which have been modified to match the supercars or modified cars.