How do they brainwash youngsters to commit terrorism?

THIS is the dramatic moment police stripped a suspected ISIS suicide bomber aged 12 or 13 of his explosive belt just before he could detonate it outside a Shia mosque in Kirkuk, northern Iraq

Terrorism is a worldwide issue which has stigmatized Muslim world for being accused of generating roots of terrorism. Terrorism is the biggest issue of today’s world which has created harassment among all countries of the world.

It is said that the third world war is going to happen for the eradication of terrorism in coming years which has started back in 2001 after the destruction of World Trade Center.

It was said that the prominent personalities who took part in terrorist activities in the US belonged to KSA. It is somehow terrifying and worrisome factor that some of the world-class terrorists belonged to one of the most famous and dignified tribes of KSA.

There was a time when Saudis were so cautious about fame and good name of their families and there was no criminal activity reported by any dignified Saudi tribe.

The first biggest crime for which KSA was accused of having a citizen involved committed back in 2001. Since then the Kingdom has become cautious about brought up and mindset building of citizens.

The worrisome factor is who is the back-end force or factor who do brainwashing of young Saudis who fall to such an extent that they may kill their own Muslim brothers or bombard a mosque where prayer ceremony carry on.

These heart-rending terrorism activities are ongoing in Muslim countries which are majorly impacting Muslim countries including KSA, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other Muslim nations.

Still, the allegation of the root of terrorism has put on Muslim nations especially Middle East countries. The dilemma of terrorism is a misleading trend of Muslim youth who can easily be blackmailed in the name of religion or Jannah.

The common perception about extremism is that terrorists approach broken or vulnerable young Muslim boys and influence their emotional intelligence by hitting their weak mental points.

Several tribes of KSA have conservative thinking which ultimately leads to extremism and rigid approach towards implementation of tribal rules and values.

This imposition results in psychological disorders in individuals which lead to extremism and antisocial behavior. To eradicate the terrorist mindset, it is essential to locate factors which are promoting extremism through brainwashing weak mind young Muslims.

The terrorist attacks now days are so composed and strategical as according to recent reports, various terrorist groups use the Internet for hunting young Muslims for terrorism training.

Young boys who already have psychological disorders or suffer from peer or family rejection find refuge in such activities and try to find out the aim of their life in serving those brainwashers. 

Authorities can stop or mitigate further hunting of youth by these predators through introducing higher aims and providing psychological help to steer their lives in the right direction.

They must be known that there is much more to do in life by soothing someone and providing comfort to other persons instead of ticking bombs on their country fellows.

Jihad is only allowed if Islamic state announces it officially; any individual effort to kill someone in the name of religion or God is totally a criminal activity and should be cut off by roots.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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