9 Things you would never ever hear in Saudi Arabia

Each locality or community will have a select few words or phrases which they will never be heard uttering, and if they do it will be nothing short of a miracle. 

Having spent a long time in the beautiful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I have come around to building a list of phrases I have yet to hear from any of my friends or acquaintances utter.

01-Al-Baik is Empty today: Al-Baik, the pride, and joy of the Saudi culinary world can never be found empty, much like the roads.

You will never hear someone say how they entered Al-Baik and it was empty and they didn’t have to wait. If you send your driver to get food from Al-Baik, know for sure that he will be grumping about it.

02-Amazing Weather: Residents of the Middle Eastern Region know for a fact that the sun is extremely fond of the land and hence shines throughout the day at soaring temperatures and hence nobody loved the hot and humid weather here.

Only in the peak winter months does the sun take away some of the love, however it is back before we realize it had gone.

03-My Kids love going to School: Kids have it bad, having to go to school after nearly 3 months of doing nothing and having all the free time in the world. So, you won’t hear anybody saying my kids love going to school.

Well I can most certainly say that this is more of a global thing with majority of the children not looking forward to school

04-The Streets are so quiet: Somehow it is always crowded, especially in Jeddah where as soon as the sun goes down, people come out. Hence you will never hear anyone say how quiet and empty the streets are, ever.

You can literally start a conversation with a random person about how bad the traffic is and they would agree with you.

05-It is raining cats and dogs: The Middle Eastern region doesn’t experience any light playful showers or moderate rain. Either there is no rain or there is flooding, it is very little in between the two. So, you won’t hear people saying how nice the rain is.

06-I do not want to eat: Due to the hot weather people in the region are always hungry, so you won’t hear people refusing any food.

After eating so much who's going to move, right? So, when the doorbell rings, you will not find people volunteering to go open the door.

07-Everyone arrived on time: If you throw a party, prepare to wait. People are rarely on time, as it seems it has become more of a tradition to be fashionably late. So, you won’t hear about parties starting and ending on time.

08-I don’t need charger; you can charge your phone: Modern smartphones are always in need of charging, and everybody has a smartphone yet not everybody leaves home with the charger.

You won’t hear people offering up their charges because “they don’t need the charging” because they always need charging. One of the main reasons behind this is the high usage of internet as well as WhatsApp.

Hence you will also not hear people say how they hate using WhatsApp as it has now become the primary means of communication.

09-I hate using WhatsApp: Lastly who talks on the phone anymore, just text dude. So, you probably won’t hear about how people love talking on the phone.

Source: Destination Jeddah