Girl disguised as a man to be with her boyfriend caught by HAIA (Mutawwas)

Every country has a specific set of rules as to the meeting, friendship and social relations between young men and women.

While some countries allow young girls and young boys to go about unchecked and do as they please, there are other more conservative countries which do not allow unrelated young boys and girls to have any social relations.

These laws and regulations are influenced greatly by the cultural traditions and most importantly by the major religions in the various parts of the world. More conservative countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not allow young boys and girls to mingle around and have social relations.

The western world, on the other hand, is more liberal, and extremely liberal from Saudi Arabia’s viewpoint as they allow many more things in their countries. 

Keeping this in mind, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a special unit or force dedicated to upholding moral values and making sure no immoral act goes unnoticed or unpunished in the Kingdom.

The HAIA force as it has been named is vigilant in performing their duties within the Kingdom and is not restricted to catching only young boys and girls but also apprehend those who are involved in all immoral activities within the Kingdom.

The Madinah branch of the Committee for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently arrested a girl who had run away from her family nearly a year ago.

When the girl was initially spotted, she was seen in the company of another unrelated man. In accordance with the sources of HAIA, the members of the religious police stopped two suspicious looking men, when they were seen casually walking around at the time of prayer.

When noticing some of the facial features of one of the young men, the member of HAIA suspected something was wrong. Upon further questioning the two young men it was discovered that it was not 2 young men they were talking to but were 1 boy and 1 girl.

It seemed that the girl had donned the disguise of a man since the couple could roam around in public without attracting any attention. The story was reported by Akhbaar24.

The members of HAIA proceeded to discover that the girl who was dressing as a man had in fact been reported missing by members of her family, around 1 year ago. The HAIA members then took custody of the young girl and took her to a women’s house located in Madina.

The young man, who was accompanying the young woman at the time they had been caught by HAIA members, had been taken to the nearest police station where he would face further investigation.

All those who are currently residing in the Kingdom know very well what is allowed in the Kingdom and what is not. The act performed by the girl was truly hazardous as it could have resulted in very harsh punishments. Everyone should be careful while roaming around with a Non-Mahram man or woman.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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