How to transfer balance from Zain to Zain?

The Zain Group of Saudi Arabia is a mobile telecommunication company, which was first founded in 1983, in Kuwait, as the Mobile Telecommunications Company or MTC. The brand was however later rebranded as Zain Group in 2007.

Zain Group has a presence in 8 countries around the North African and Middle Eastern region with more than 44.3 million customers that are active as of 1st January 2015.

The Zain group currently employees upwards of 7000 people and the CEO of the group is Scott Gegenheimer who had been appointed in the December of 2012.

Due to the high number of people who choose to use Zain mobile services, we have decided to show you a step by step guide on how to transfer Credit (Balance) from one Zain service user on to another.

In accordance with the new regulations of the CITC Zain mobile group notifies all the customers that all the Credit (Balance) transfer and/or recharging service on the prepaid lines of the telecom service will now be linked directly to the ID numbers which have been thoroughly verified by the Zain mobile database.

To ensure that the date you have provided is updated and identical, it is advisable for the customer to head on over to the nearest Zain outlet. If you would like an instant recharge on your Zain account simply follow the following procedure;

Users can also avail the facility of the Credit (Balance) Transfer Service, which has been developed to allow the prepaid customers of the Zain network to transfer or receive Credit (Balance) from other prepaid Zain customers.

PROCEDURE: For those Zain users who would like to send Credit (Balance) to another Zain user, they must Send an SMS to 702702 which must have the following; BT (space) number of the recipient (space) monetary value of the Credit (Balance) which you wish to transfer in Riyals.

For those Zain users, receiving the Credit (Balance) transfer, they must send an SMS to 702702, only after receiving a confirmation of the Credit (Balance) transfer from the sender. The SMS by the recipient must contain the “ID (space)10-digit ID number.”

There are certain rules which must be followed by those who want to avail the service;

01-Credit (Balance) transfer amount cannot exceed SAR 50 and minimum amount of Credit (Balance) transfer has been set at SAR 10.

02-Bonus Credit (Balance) may not be transferred

03-If migration has taken place, no Credit (Balance) transfer will be allowed until and unless you have consumed the initial starting balance that was allotted to you at the time of registration e.g. SAR 25.

04-Receiving a transfer of balance has no effect on the validity of a prepaid number

Source: Zain

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