Ex-Boyfriend exposes Saudi bride’s intimate pictures on her wedding night

Recently a dramatic incident happened and reported by an Islamic preacher Shaikh Ghazi bin Abdul Aziz Al Shammari where a marriage lasted very first night due to filthy past of bride.

A young couple tied node in KSA recently which ended the same day when wedding celebrations were going on. Everything went fine and the couple was enjoying the wedding ceremony when the groom received a bouquet of flower along with a flash memory stick.

At first instance, he did not try to unveil the envelope having the memory stick but reading the note attached he got curious about the secret of the envelope.

The note was written in such a way which made groom suspicious about the character of the bride and he decided to check the memory stick immediately.

The groom checked out the memory flash in an isolated room owing to the sensitivity of the matter and as expected he got shocked by what he saw inside. The flash was sent by a former lover of his wife which contained intimate pictures of ex-couple.

The bride was looked deeply involved with her ex-boyfriend which hurt groom and he decided to take a final decision out of rage. Despite celebration continued in the same hotel, he announced divorce for his wife very first night of their wedding.

Not only this, he did not bother to take words of bride over this incident and what made her ex to urge her husband for a divorce. In short, the girl got divorced just after few hours of her wedding.

Later the girl revealed that she was emotionally involved with another guy and later they realized that they were not meant for each other. Then she decided to move on with her life and her parents found a good match for her.

Her former lover asked her to meet him just a few days before marriage ceremony which she refused clearly. She mentioned it clearly that she does not want to repeat mistakes from her past and is ready to move on to start a new stable life with her husband.

It made her ex-boyfriend unhappy and he started abusing and threatening her that in case she will not fulfill his demands; he will expose their relationship to her husband and family.

She ignored his threats and continued to plan her life ahead with her husband but the story ended by practical of her former lover in the form of flash memory stick sent to her husband on the wedding night

Ex’s, pre-marriage relationships between women and men are prohibited in Islam as it leads to unethical behavior in society. Not only this, it may troublesome a person’s life forever.

Even if a girl or boy wants to start up a new life with clear objectives and worthy goals, filthy past always hinders their future.

Unfortunately, the young generation has totally forgotten teachings of Islam and has adopted western values which are not acceptable in our society.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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