10 Useful Tips Protect Your Car from Theft in Saudi Arabia

1-Different Anti-Theft Systems: The installation of anti-theft systems in your car is a must. Thieves are reluctant to steal any car if they think it will be recovered quickly.

A steering lock which can be attached to the steering wheel after the car has been parked. It is a deterrent and good for showing that protective measures have been taken.

Ignition cut-off systems which do not allow the car to be started until a hidden button is pressed. A system which emits signals which can be tracked down by the police.

2-Keep the doors locked always, even when driving.

3-Whenever parked, never leave the keys in your car and make sure you close all the windows and the sunroof.

4-Never leave your car running unattended.

5-Avoid leaving any of your valuables inside of the car, where it is easily visible from outside.

6-Thieves of all fields, prefer to work at night, hence it is better to be extra careful during the night time in car parks or lots. If possible, park near security or in a well-lit area.

7-Avoid leaving the car title inside. Many times, the thieves are let go of, just because they produce proper documentation. For those cars, which are shared, it is better to have a pre-decided hiding spot with all the registration and other papers.

8-While in a slope, park your car in gear or keep your tires turned. This will make it harder for your car to be towed.

9-Always know where you are going, that way you can avoid any potentially unsafe area by taking an alternate route even if it means taking longer. Be completely aware of your surroundings, before entering or exiting your car, look around.

10-Have your VIN etched onto each one of the windows in your car. Thieves would not want to replace every single window in the vehicle.