6 Problems Faced by the Foreign Husbands of Saudi Wives in Saudi Arabia

Despite the recent decisions which have been made, husbands of foreign nationality who have married Saudi women have been facing numerous hurdles and obstacles while they are dealing with the government.

This is because of either the lack of information in the various sectors or not having the powers which were necessary. An online newspaper has carried out a new survey which is based on foreign husbands of Saudi women. 

In the report, they have stated that these foreign husbands have been facing immense troubles and obstacles while in their official business within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In some cases, the obstacles and troubles get so much, that these foreign husbands are having trouble doing business or any other dealings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A 30 years old name Yathlim Al Qathmi, stated that he has had two instances in the Kingdom where he has come across obstacles or problems.

01-Once when he had visited the JCCI, or Jeddah Chambers of Commerce and Industry, to obtain the official documents of the company where he is employed as the director of operations.

His request for the documents had been refused to state that he was not under the sponsorship of the company. The representatives of the Chamber stated that to obtain any document one has to either be a Saudi National or they have to be under the sponsorship of the company.

02-A 32-year-old man, Omar Al Sharief has stated that he too has faced a problem, which occurred during the time of pregnancy of his wife.

The problem was that his company did not have medical insurance for him or his family, hence when they tried to attain insurance from the company they refused stating that family insurance can only happen if the entire family is a foreign or entire family is Saudi.

03-A 44-year-old man, Fahad Bin Mahfoudh stated that he did not know whether there was any logic behind the fact that the foreign husband of a Saudi woman is generally treated as a Saudi in other matters of employment however he earns the salary of a foreigner.

04-A 28-year-old, Abdullah Al Battati stated that the profession which is “husband of a national” within the residence permit is not recognized or permitted in any of the other Gulf countries.

05-Abdullah adds that he has to travel according to the situation of the work, and has to hence travel with his wife back and forth. He also added that in case the wife dies, the actual status of the husband is not clear according to the laws and hence it is near impossible to attain a sponsor.

06-Additionally, having children is another thing in which obstacles or troubles can be faced as the sponsorship of the husband of a Saudi wife can in no way be transferred onto the sponsorship of any other family member in case the wife passes away.

Source: Arab News

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