You Know You Grew Up in Riyadh if you do these 4 things

Riyadh is a dream city for expats residing in Saudi Arabia as it offers something which is missing in rest of the parts of Kingdom. Those who moved here from their native countries in their childhood have a close association with this city even more than their native countries. Riyadh seems as friendly for expats as their country of origin due to its host nature for expats and combination of cultures. Diversity is the top quality of Riyadh which makes it superior to other cities in Saudi Arabia. If you ask expats belonging to different areas of the world about Riyadh they all will stand at the same stance for considering this city their home I am sure.[irp]

Riyadh is as dearest as your motherland: Being a child you grow in Riyadh, you play here, you study here, you inhale the breeze of this land, ultimately it runs in your blood and you love it more than your homeland.  Those who have left their origin countries for years feel as if they belong to Riyadh instead of their own countries.

One enjoys being not normal: Once you have spent your childhood in Riyadh, it transforms you completely. You totally adopt its culture and feel like a stranger in your own areas of origin. No matter how much rest of the world consider Saudi norms abnormal or suffocated, but for you, it is more blissful to wear a black cloak, going outside with your mahram and staying separate at hotels and public places than enjoying freedom or public gatherings.

Abaya becomes a part of your personality: After you wear abaya while staying in Riyadh for 5-7 years, it feels as if it has become an essential part of your personality. You may feel unnerved and incomplete without it even in your own countries where there is no compulsion of wearing a black loose cloak. I know may expats personally who are not even Muslim but they keep on covering themselves even when they go to their native countries. Being Riyadhi is something which goes along with yourself whole life no matter where you reside or what you do in life outside Riyadh.

Sophisticated ways of social life: Social life in Riyadh is quietly limited and restricted especially for expats who belong to European and other Asian countries. As you know the public activities are restricted for women normally so the common idea to socialize is to gather at a friend’s home and enjoy the party. The short and limited list of your social life during dull days of summer and a long night of winters may be comprised of ordering pizza from Domino, watching some saddening movie and staying awake late at night. O Yes! Dishing in morning is a must after a fabulous late night party: P[irp]

This is not the end of the story, being expats you can enjoy your every moment here for being experiencing some diversity and change from your native countries. Maybe it sounds strange for people outside the Saudi Arabia that a restricted life can be enjoyable but only a Riyadhi can understand the bliss associated with this restricted and limited scope of life.

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