A Visit to Al Tayibat City Museum in Jeddah

Jeddah has numerous places for visitors who are keen to discover Arab culture and want to see an amalgamation of the ancient and modern culture of Saudi Arabia.

The city is situated at the coastal line of Red sea and has more attractive outlook than other big cities like Riyadh etc. One of the most visited locations in Jeddah is Al Tayibat City Museum for International Civilization.

If you have been to Jeddah for the first time, visiting this place will energize your trip.  Al Tayibat City Museum is under the custody of private ownership of heirs of late Sheikh Abdul Raouf Khalil located at King Fahad Road.

The external outlook of the museum presents as if you are visiting a masjid whereas the interior scenery is entirely different.

The inside view is more like the interior of a Villa or Castle with wide rooms and halls occupied with different civilization sculptures of Arab culture. It is also called Khaleel Museum.

Khaleel Museum: On the top of the list is Tayibat City situated in Jeddah which is the largest Museum in the city.

Jeddah is one of those cities which have experienced different revolutions, handled by different rulers and several civilizations all which contribute to the city's history and culture.

Al Tabiyat City Museum is mainly for international civilizations been exhibited. There are many museums in Jeddah but this one particularly stands out. This is a Museum that resembles a mini-city within itself.

It has an area of ten thousand square meters, having twelve separate buildings with nearly three hundred complex rooms which make it known as ‘Jeddah's Louvre’.

This Museum is thought to be situated in the older part of the city near Balad but it's situated in the modern city in Faisaliyah District around Siteen Street.

You can search it on Google Maps with the name of “Khaleel Museum” GPS Coordinates: 21.580847,39.176698

Just right at the entrance, a long line of miniatures welcomes you with different colors and combinations. The grand and well-decorated museum has different sights for making your day.

Inside the museum, the area has different compounds which look like as if different villas are joined together to give an outlook of a community. The guide told us that it represents the old culture of Arab natives who used to join villas during construction for more interaction and socialization.

Internal compounds are named as Home of Islamic Heritage which proceeds to Home of Saudi Arabian and the last one is the Home of the World Heritage..

Home of Islamic Heritage: The first compounds comprised of models related to Islamic history. It tells about the revolutionary period of Islam and gives related details in the form of models and pictures. 

At one side the model of the Holy Masjid and Madinah Holy sculpture is set. It exhibits different phases of development of two holy cities and timelines tell about details of Masjid area and expansion carried on in different phases.

The Hallways of this compound is occupied with different sceneries and models related to Islamic history. There are also details about the first astronaut of Saudi Arabia Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

He is not only the first astronaut from Saudi Arabia but he represents whole Muslim community in space for the very first time.

Home of Saudi Arabian Heritage: The second compound represents Saudi old and modern culture. The room is occupied with different items of daily use such as ancient crockery, furniture, stamps, coins, spices, clothes and much more.

On one side the display represents Saudi wedding culture with gowns of bride, groom, and bridesmaids. This area gives an outlook of different people living in different areas of Saudi Arabia.

Home of the World Heritage: Saudi Arabia is full of expats and different cultures prevailing there due to the existence of diverse people from different parts of the world.

The third room has displayed mannequin with dresses of African brides and grooms. No doubt the visit to Al Tayibat City Museum is a colorful site to visit which will enhance your knowledge and imagination about Saudi culture for sure.