Huda Al Ghoson, first female executive director of Saudi Aramco to oversee 60,000 employees

There is an evident and clear media campaign being run by the Western world, and much of its focus is on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The western media does not leave any chance to go on an all-out attack on Saudi culture and the decisions made by the Government of Saudi Arabia. First, they took up the “supposed” issue of how the veil has constricted or stopped women from achieving great heights in today’s modern world. However, those claims were also found to be nothing but propaganda as many examples were given that showed that the veiled women of Saudi Arabia can and indeed do succeed in their professional lives or in any other aspect of their lives.[irp]

Then they took up the case of how women are not given equal employment opportunities in the Kingdom. Even though there might be people who are in sync with this notion even from inside the Kingdom, but the government of Saudi Arabia has once again dismissed these claims by setting a fine example to quiet this propaganda once and for all. Everybody, inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have heard about the Saudi-run Oil Giants by the name of Saudi Aramco. Well since this Oil Giant is run by the state, it means that all decisions go through government officials who are handling the company.

Recent media reports have stated that the Saudi Aramco has just appointed Huda Al Ghoson as the executive director of the employee training and relations. This new move by Saudi Aramco has not only put to rest any claims of women not getting equal opportunities, but it is also the first ever time that a woman will be filling this position in the history of the company. The Company has stated that Huda Al Ghoson will oversee all the programs related to the training, recruiting, development and planning of the workforce and will also oversee the legal relations, services and retention of upwards of 60,000 employees of the company.

Huda Al Ghoson is the holder of a Master’s in Business Administration Degree which she attained from the University of Washington, District Columbia, as well as a Bachelors of Arts in English from the King Saud University located in Riyadh. Huda Al Ghoson has been listed in Forbes Arabia as one of the top 100 most powerful and influential women in the entire Arab world. Huda Al Ghoson had joined Saudi Aramco in 1981 and has since been moving up in the professional world.[irp]

This is a great step for not only Saudi Aramco but also for the people of Saudi Arabia as it gives the youth hope of finding employment, especially the women who think that they are not getting equal opportunity. Huda Al Ghoson should be a role model for all women who want to have a professional life.


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