Saudi buys a Goat worth SR 13 million ($3.47 million) to Slaughter on Eid

We come across so many bizarre news every day that most of the time we don’t even care to go deep about what happened. The ratios of such peculiar news have increased recently. But there was one such news that was out of the ordinary and it struck everyone.

A Goat worth SR 13 million: A Saudi man bought a goat worth whopping SR 13 million which is rough $3.46 millionThe news turned many heads in the media.  The man who bought the goat stated that he bought it because it belonged to a completely different breed and bought for slaughtering on Eid. 

The social media was flooded with the pictures of the goat and the cheque for the amount. The goat indeed appeared very different in the picture but it is still not confirmed what sort of qualities it possessed. 

2033 Saudi buys a Goat worth SR 13 million (3.47 million) to Slaughter on Eid 02

Unique Features: It was also said that it had unique features that were not seen before.  Bloggers, tweeters and everyone holding the social media power went crazy with their online comments.  The price of the livestock fluctuates seasonally in Saudi Arabia, but nothing could justify the price of millions for a goat

Whereas people were discussing the high amount of the goat, on the other side loads of notable personalities raised their voices against this act of exuberant expenditure.

Is it justified to spend SR 13 million on a Goat? There are world crises due to financial issues. When millions can be spent on a goat, same amount or even the half of it could have done something wonderful for the underprivileged people.

So many refugees have no places to go and so many are wandering unemployed. That money could have done so much better to them. It would have changed many lives. 

2033 Saudi buys a Goat worth SR 13 million (3.47 million) to Slaughter on Eid 03

The highest price ever paid for a livestock: The price tag of SR 13 million is also the highest price ever paid for any livestock in Saudi Arabia.  Livestock breeders agreed that it was very rare and that it had unique features but they also mentioned that the amount paid is still very high.

The point remains the same that if the amount can be paid for an animal then it could have done some good to humans too.  The owner of the goat was riding high on the status boost that a goat gave him but what he also failed to understand that financial constraints are not some small petty issues.

Many heads are just enjoying the fact that a goat sold for such a staggering amount of money and it doesn’t bother them that the money could have saved many lives and provide necessities to the needy.

Does the Goat talk like a human? If someone asks me about the figure that was paid for that goat, I would have just said no even if it could talk like a human. I would rather take that money and do something useful for those who need it.

We sleep peacefully at night with our tummies full but did we ever realize that how many are dying of hunger every day? And then there is this whopping expensive goat which is rubbing salt in the wound.

Source: Arab News