How can a Saudi resident help Hajj pilgrims to perform Hajj?

Hajj is one of the five articles of Islam. For the non-Muslim readers who might not be familiar with Hajj (also known as a pilgrimage), it is the obligatory travel to Makkah of all Muslims once in their life if they are financially and physically able. It can only be done once a year at a specific time of the lunar calendar. That obviously means that every year Makkah is filled with millions of Muslims from all corners of the globe who have come to fulfill their religious obligations. Millions of people performing the same acts in the same space at the same time, it is an organizational nightmare.[irp]

All the pilgrims have to be fed, water has to be distributed, they should have a place to sleep and rest, transport has to be arranged and managed so all the pilgrims can perform their obligations on time, precautions have to be taken to deal with medical emergencies and natural (or man-made) disaster, all these people generate a lot of waste and not just human waste, garbage as will which has to be cleaned and so on.

The government of Saudi Arabia has been remarkable in fulfilling its duties towards the pilgrims over the years and keeps getting better and better every year in accommodation the ever-rising number of pilgrims. The organization of such a mass becomes more difficult due to the Muslims already living in the Kingdom who come to perform Hajj without getting a permit first. This takes a hammer to the careful planning of the Hajj organizers as now there are thousands of extra people who have to be organized and looked after. Most of the times these people end up sleeping on the streets and on sidewalks. Most the pilgrims without a permit have performed Hajj once or even twice already but they still come to do it again.

Although performing Hajj is compulsory it is not cheap. Depending on how far you live from the Holy city it can cost you serious money. Keeping this in mind I would like to address all the non-permit pilgrims who have already fulfilled their obligation once in their life to please think of their Muslim brothers and sisters who have saved their entire lives for this chance to see the Holy City and to complete their faith.

Because of your actions, it gets harder for them to complete their Hajj. Think of those poor Muslims who haven’t been able to perform Hajj because they cannot afford it. If instead of going to perform Hajj two or even three times you donate that money and allow another to perform Hajj, then you have done a great service not only to the person you donated to but also to all those pilgrims who came from all over the world by not being a non-permit pilgrim.[irp]

It is important to mention here that Hajj is not obligatory to those people who do not have enough funds to pay off the legal fee of performing Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Keeping it in your mind, I do not think people who cannot afford to perform Hajj should take this risk of going there illegally. Keep in mind, if you are caught performing Hajj without Hajj permit, you will be banned for 10 years to enter back to Saudi Arabia.

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